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Espera is a media player that plays your music, YouTube videos, SoundCloud songs and has a special "party mode".
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Espera is an open-source media player that plays audio files, YouTube videos, SoundCloud songs and has a special "party mode".



Remote control

Espera has an open remote control API for e.g mobile devices.

The official Android app is available on Google Play:

Android app on Google Play


With the party-mode Espera can be locked, so your guests can't change the volume or stop the music anymore, while you can control the playback from your Android device.

If your guests also install the Android app, they can send songs from their phone to Espera, which are then added to the playlist.


Espera can search songs at YouTube, add them to the playlist and stream the video. This works completely seamless and songs on your local harddrive can be mixed with YouTube videos.


Just as with YouTube, you can seamlessly add songs from SoundCloud to your playlist.

Metro (Modern UI)-Style

Espera uses MahApps.Metro for theming. This gives Espera a beautiful and very clean look.


  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista


Espera is written in C#, with WPF as frontend.

It also makes heavy uses of Reactive Extensions and ReactiveUI.

If you want to contribute to Espera, just send a pull request!


Espera is released under the MIT-License

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