Provide a terminal to a serial port
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Serialclient: a command-line client for serial device

Serialclient is a client to communicate to a serial port. Serialclient works in command line since it is developped with KISS philosophy at mind.

How to install it

Best option is to use rubygems to install it.

  1. First install ruby & rubygems:
  • For ubuntu users: # apt-get install ruby rubygems

  • For arch users (useless rubygems package for ruby1.9): # pacman -S ruby

  1. Install serialclient rubygem package # gem install serialclient

  2. It's over !

How to use it

  • Basic usage serialclient -p /dev/ttyUSB0

  • See serialclient --help for setting

    • speed
    • data bits
    • stop_bits
    • parity
  • Enjoy ! You will get a silly prompt that send commands directly to device.