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OoTR Daily Bot

This is a Discord bot for generating daily challenge seeds for the Ocarina of Time Randomizer Discord.


For Windows use py -3 in place of python. For other systems ensure you are using python 3.

Install Requirements

A Git executable in your PATH is required.

Download gzinject and place it in the repo root or add its executable to your PATH

Place the Ocarina of Time 1.0 U ROM and Ocarina of Time 1.2 WAD in the rom directory. Update the base_rom_name and base_wad_name in settings.json if necessary.

python -m pip install -r ./requirements.txt

Configure Settings

Rename settings.json.default to settings.json and then modify the configuration to suit your needs. By default no discord_token, discord_channel_id or output_directory are provided. There is also no limitation on which users can run commands. Ensure you replace @everyone with appropriate rules. Keep in mind only @everyone has the @ in its role name normally. spoiler_users is a list of Discord User IDs as strings that will always be sent DMs containing the spoiler log for the generated seed.

In settings_weighted aside from other options all weight values in each section must add up to 1 or else an error will occur. You however do not need to keep all the options. You can remove any you don't want at all, just remember to keep the sum weight values 1.

Run Bot

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