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Installation & Setup

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Flagship For WooCommerce Installation Guide

system requirements

  • minimum:

Requires PHP v5.6+ WordPress v4.6+ WooCommerce v3.0+. For WooCommerce installation guide, please visit woocommerce installation guide.

non-technical requirements

Before starting, make sure you have properly done all of the following steps:

  • Owning a WordPress site with administrator control
  • Having WooCommerce Plugin installed, activated, and configured

Installation Guide

  • Download zip archive;

Download Latest Release Here, or browse all historical releases.

  • Log in as admin on your WordPress website. Go to the dashboard. Then, go to plugins page (on left hand side navigation submenu).


  • Click on "Add New" and then "Upload plugin". Select the file you just downloaded (zip file) and upload it to the site.

  • Click activate link under the title FlagShip WooCommerce Shipping

This is how the global settings of the plugin looks like:

screen shot 2017-07-17 at 2 41 35 pm

screen shot 2017-07-17 at 2 41 51 pm

  • Enable flagShip shipping by checking the checbox Enable this shipping method
  • Take some time to fill all of the settings. (Access Token is absolutely required. Otherwise, You won't be able to get discounted rate nor being able to print the shipping labels.)
  • In the section Parcel/Packaging, there are four options to choose from for the packing of items into package boxes. If you choose FlagShip packing, you need to provide boxes with dimensions.

You must additionally fill settings per each of shipping zones that had "FlagShip Shipping" as shipping method.

To configure the settings per shipping zone, go through WooCommerce Settings > Shipping > Shipping Zones and click on each of the link entitled by "FlagShip Shipping". You may customize your settings per shipping zones. i.e. different FlagShip Shipping settings for different shipping zones.

Lacking of shipping settings per shipping zone may cause plugin to throw API warning such as

FlagShip API Error: Missing x-smartship-token header or could not find a valid token or your company is banned or disabled. Flagship Shipping has some difficulty in retrieving the rates. Please contact site administrator for assistance.

This is how the shipping zones page might look like:

capture all flagship shipping 100116

This is how it might look like your own shipping zone's settings:

screen shot 2017-07-17 at 2 49 07 pm

  • Don't forget to save the settings by clicking on Save changes button on the bottom of the page.