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Reconbot for Eve Online CircleCI

Reconbot is a notification relay bot for an MMO game Eve Online. It fetches character notifications from the EVE API, filters irrelevant ones out and sends relevant ones to set Slack or Discord channels. Notifications like SOV changes, SOV/POS/POCO/Citadel attacks.


Reconbot was intended to be used as a base for further customizations, or integration with other systems, but it can be run via as well. Check it out for an example.

1. EVE Developer Application

This tool is ready to be used with Eve's ESI API. You will need to register your application on EVE Developers page.

When registering your EVE Application, please pick Authentication & API Access connection type, and make sure your application requests these permissions:

  • esi-universe.read_structures.v1 - necessary to fetch names of any linked structures;
  • esi-characters.read_notifications.v1 - necessary to fetch character level notifications.

Reconbot does not provide a way to authenticate an account to an application, so you will need to do so via some other means. First two sections of Fuzzysteve's guide on Using ESI with Google Sheets explain how to do that via Postman.

When registering the application take note of the Client ID and Secret Key, as they are necessary for Reconbot to establish communication with ESI API.

2. Slack or Discord chat tools


To add a Slack integration, check out this Slack documentation page on Bot Users (or create bot user for your workspace). Take note of the API token.


If you wish to use a Discord webhook:

Webhooks are the easiest way to integrate Reconbot with Discord. Simply follow this Discord guide to create a webhook for your channel. You should now have a URL like this:

Use it with DiscordWebhookNotifier as seen in example.

If you wish to use a Discord bot user: (not recommended)

To add a Discord integration, check out this Discord documentation page on Bot accounts. You will need to create an application and add it to your discord server. See this guide for more visual step-by-step instructions. You will need a Token for your Bot User, and Channel ID where to post messages in. Use it with DiscordNotifier as seen in example.

3. Reconbot setup

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Create a virtualenv environment: virtualenv -p python3 venv
  3. Activate the virtualenv environment: source venv/bin/activate. This will isolate reconbot's dependencies from the rest of your system's dependencies.
  4. Install Python depdendencies: pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Modify with your EVE API keys, key groups and Slack/Discord accounts/channels. whitelist should contain notification types you're interested in (or None to allow all supported types), and characters should contain entries for API keys of individual characters.
  6. Execute python and wait for notifications to arrive! After the character gets a notification in-game, reconbot may take up to 10 minutes to detect the notification.

Other notes

Reconbot by default will try to evenly spread out checking API keys over the cache expiry window (which is 10 minutes for ESI), meaning that with 2 API keys in rotation an API key will be checked every ~5 minutes (with 10 keys - every minute), which can be useful to detect alliance or corporation-wide notifications more frequently than only once every 10 minutes.

Supported notifications

As of writing this tool there is little documentation about the types of notifications available and their contents. The following list has been assembled from working experience, is not fully complete and may be subject to change as CCP changes internals:

  • AllWarDeclaredMsg
  • DeclareWar
  • AllWarInvalidatedMsg
  • AllyJoinedWarAggressorMsg
  • CorpWarDeclaredMsg
  • EntosisCaptureStarted
  • SovCommandNodeEventStarted
  • SovStructureDestroyed
  • SovStructureReinforced
  • StructureUnderAttack
  • OwnershipTransferred
  • StructureOnline
  • StructureDestroyed
  • StructureFuelAlert
  • StructureWentLowPower
  • StructureWentHighPower
  • StructureFuelAlert
  • StructureAnchoring
  • StructureUnanchoring
  • StructureServicesOffline
  • StructureLostShields
  • StructureLostArmor
  • TowerAlertMsg
  • TowerResourceAlertMsg
  • StationServiceEnabled
  • StationServiceDisabled
  • OrbitalReinforced
  • OrbitalAttacked
  • SovAllClaimAquiredMsg
  • SovStationEnteredFreeport
  • AllAnchoringMsg
  • InfrastructureHubBillAboutToExpire
  • SovAllClaimLostMsg
  • SovStructureSelfDestructRequested
  • SovStructureSelfDestructFinished
  • StationConquerMsg
  • MoonminingExtractionStarted
  • MoonminingExtractionCancelled
  • MoonminingExtractionFinished
  • MoonminingLaserFired
  • MoonminingAutomaticFracture
  • CorpAllBillMsg
  • BillPaidCorpAllMsg
  • CharAppAcceptMsg
  • CorpAppNewMsg
  • CharAppWithdrawMsg
  • CharLeftCorpMsg
  • CorpNewCEOMsg
  • CorpVoteMsg
  • CorpVoteCEORevokedMsg
  • CorpTaxChangeMsg
  • CorpDividendMsg
  • BountyClaimMsg
  • KillReportVictim
  • KillReportFinalBlow
  • AllianceCapitalChanged

Do you have sample contents of currently unsupported notification types? Consider sharing them by creating an issue, or submit a Pull Request. Any help would be appreciated!


A tool to post EVE Online notifications to Slack or Discord








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