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This is a quick Java and Android version of Fapi's online "The Incremental Game."

Android App

As a way to develop my android app development skills, I'm creating an android version of this game! I'm building it using the Android Studio, and making the source code available here. You're welcome to download the APK file and install it on your phone! Latest Version: v0.5

Java App

This is designed to run on the computer, using Java 1.8 from Oracle. Simply download the JAR file on your computer and then run it! (Note: it may not run unless you launch it from the command line) Latest Version: v0.6


The features by version apply to both the Android and desktop apps.

v0.6 : Game saving added
v0.5 : Secret prestige added
v0.4 : Progress bar added
v0.3 : Zlsa DLC added
v0.2 : Auto click added
v0.1 : Initial release (click to increment)

TheIncrementalGame - Screenshot