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;; BERT (Binary ERlang Term)
;; See
(in-package :bert)
(defgeneric translate-complex-type (object)
(:documentation "Translates tuples with the 'bert' tag to corresponding Lisp objects."))
(defgeneric encode (object &key berp-header)
(:documentation "Encodes the BERT-translatable object to a vector of bytes."))
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defun bool (value)
(if value
(tuple '|bert| '|true|)
(tuple '|bert| '|false|))) )
(cleric::defconstant-not-eql true (bool t)
"BERT boolean true term.")
(cleric::defconstant-not-eql false (bool nil)
"BERT boolean false term.")
(defclass bert-time ()
((megaseconds :reader megaseconds :initarg :megaseconds)
(seconds :reader seconds :initarg :seconds)
(microseconds :reader microseconds :initarg :microseconds))
(:documentation "BERT time data type"))
(defmethod translate-complex-type ((time bert-time))
(with-slots (megaseconds seconds microseconds) time
(tuple '|bert| '|time| megaseconds seconds microseconds)))
(defclass bert-regex ()
((source :reader regex-source :initarg :source)
(options :reader regex-options :initarg :options))
(:documentation "BERT regex data type"))
(defmethod translate-complex-type ((regex bert-regex))
(with-slots (source options) regex
(tuple '|bert| '|regex| (string-to-binary source) options)))
(defmethod translate-complex-type ((dict hash-table))
(tuple '|bert| '|dict|
for key being the hash-keys in dict using (hash-value value)
collect (tuple (translate-complex-type key)
(translate-complex-type value))) ))
(defmethod translate-complex-type ((nil-symbol (eql nil)))
(declare (ignorable nil-symbol))
(tuple '|bert| '|nil|))
(defmethod translate-complex-type ((tuple erlang-tuple))
(with-slots (elements) tuple
(make-instance 'erlang-tuple
:elements (map 'vector #'translate-complex-type elements))))
(defmethod translate-complex-type ((lst list))
(mapcar #'translate-complex-type lst))
(defmethod translate-complex-type (object)
(defmethod encode (object &key berp-header)
(let ((bytes (cleric:encode (translate-complex-type object) :version-tag t)))
(if berp-header
(concatenate 'vector (cleric::uint32-to-bytes (length bytes)) bytes)
(deftype bert-translatable ()
"A type that encompasses all types of Lisp objects that can be translated to BERT objects."
'(satisfies bert-translatable-p))
(defun bert-translatable-p (object)
"Returns true if OBJECT is translatable to an Erlang object."
(typecase object
((or integer float symbol string hash-table erlang-tuple erlang-binary bert-time bert-regex)
(every #'bert-translatable-p object))
(defun simple-bert-term-p (bert-term)
(typep bert-term '(or integer float symbol string erlang-binary)))
(defun compound-bert-term-p (bert-term)
(typep bert-term '(or list erlang-tuple)))
(defun complex-bert-term-p (bert-term)
(when (and (typep bert-term 'erlang-tuple) (< 0 (arity bert-term)))
(let ((first-element (aref (elements bert-term) 0)))
(and (symbolp first-element)
(string= "bert" (symbol-name first-element))))))
(defun translate-complex-terms (term)
((simple-bert-term-p term)
((listp term)
(mapcar #'translate-complex-terms term))
((complex-bert-term-p term)
(translate-complex-term term))
((typep term 'erlang-tuple)
(with-slots (elements) term
:elements (map 'vector #'translate-complex-terms elements))))
(error "~a is not a BERT term." term)) ))
(defun translate-complex-term (term)
(assert (typep term 'erlang-tuple))
(with-slots (elements) term
(assert (string= "bert" (symbol-name (aref elements 0))))
(ecase (intern (symbol-name (aref elements 1)) :keyword)
(:|nil| nil)
(:|true| t)
(:|false| nil)
(translate-dict-term (aref elements 2)))
(translate-time-term (aref elements 2)
(aref elements 3)
(aref elements 4)))
(translate-regex-term (aref elements 2)
(aref elements 3))) )))
(defun translate-dict-term (dict)
with hash = (make-hash-table)
for tuple in dict
do (let* ((elements (elements tuple))
(key (aref elements 0))
(value (aref elements 1)))
(setf (gethash key hash) value))
finally (return hash)))
(defun translate-time-term (megaseconds seconds microseconds)
(make-instance 'bert-time
:megaseconds megaseconds
:seconds seconds
:microseconds microseconds))
(defun translate-regex-term (source options)
(make-instance 'bert-regex
:source source
:options options))
(defun decode (bytes)
(multiple-value-bind (term pos) (cleric:decode bytes :version-tag t)
(values (translate-complex-terms term) pos)))
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