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(in-package :cleric)
(defun bytes-to-unsigned-integer (bytes &optional (number-of-bytes nil) (pos 0))
(let ((n (if number-of-bytes number-of-bytes (length bytes))))
(usocket:octet-buffer-to-integer bytes n :start pos)))
(defun bytes-to-uint16 (bytes &optional (pos 0))
(bytes-to-unsigned-integer bytes 2 pos))
(defun bytes-to-uint32 (bytes &optional (pos 0))
(bytes-to-unsigned-integer bytes 4 pos))
(defun read-uint16 (stream)
(bytes-to-unsigned-integer (read-bytes 2 stream) 2))
(defun read-uint32 (stream)
(bytes-to-unsigned-integer (read-bytes 4 stream) 4))
(defun bytes-to-signed-int32 (bytes &optional (pos 0))
(let ((int 0))
(setf (ldb (byte 7 24) int) (aref bytes (+ 0 pos))) ;; All bits except the sign
(setf (ldb (byte 8 16) int) (aref bytes (+ 1 pos)))
(setf (ldb (byte 8 8) int) (aref bytes (+ 2 pos)))
(setf (ldb (byte 8 0) int) (aref bytes (+ 3 pos)))
(if (= 1 (ldb (byte 1 7) (aref bytes (+ 0 pos)))) ;; The sign bit
(- (1+ (logxor int #x7FFFFFFF))) ;; Two's complement
(defun read-signed-int32 (stream)
(bytes-to-signed-int32 (read-bytes 4 stream)))
(defun unsigned-integer-to-bytes (uint number-of-bytes)
(let ((bytes (make-array number-of-bytes :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))))
(usocket:integer-to-octet-buffer uint bytes number-of-bytes)))
(defun uint16-to-bytes (int)
(unsigned-integer-to-bytes int 2))
(defun uint32-to-bytes (int)
(unsigned-integer-to-bytes int 4))
(defun string-to-bytes (string)
(map 'simple-vector #'char-code string))
(defun bytes-to-string (bytes &optional length (pos 0))
(map 'string #'code-char (subseq bytes pos (when length (+ pos length)))))
(defun read-bytes (n stream)
(let ((bytes (make-array n :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))))
(read-sequence bytes stream)
;; Does it block until the whole sequence is filled when reading from a socket?
(defun read-bytes-as-string (n stream)
(bytes-to-string (read-bytes n stream)))
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