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;;;; Atom cache entries
(in-package :cleric)
(defclass atom-cache-collector ()
:initarg :atom-cache
:documentation "The atom cache used for a node connection.")
:reader cache-references
:initarg :cache-references
:initform (make-cache-reference-collection)
:documentation "The collection of cache references."))
(:documentation "The atom cache collector is used to retrieve already cached
atoms and to collect atom references to be used in a protocol message."))
(defun make-atom-cache-collector (atom-cache &optional cache-references)
(if (null cache-references)
(make-instance 'atom-cache-collector :atom-cache atom-cache)
(make-instance 'atom-cache-collector
:atom-cache atom-cache
:cache-references cache-references)))
;;; Implementation of the ERLANG-TERM atom cache interface
(defmethod etf-aci:get-atom ((ref integer) (collector atom-cache-collector))
(let ((cached-atom (get-cache-reference ref (cache-references collector))))
(if (consp cached-atom)
(values (car cached-atom) t)
(values nil nil))))
(defmethod etf-aci:put-atom ((atom symbol) (collector atom-cache-collector))
(with-slots (atom-cache cache-references) collector
(let ((ref (find-cache-reference atom cache-references)))
(if (integerp ref)
ref ;; Atom used earlier in message. Use the same reference.
(let ((existing-pos (atom-cache-location-of atom atom-cache)))
(if (consp existing-pos)
(add-cache-reference atom ;; Make a new cache reference
(car existing-pos)
(cdr existing-pos)
(let ((free-pos (atom-cache-find-free atom-cache)))
(if (null free-pos)
nil ;; There was no space left in the atom cache.
(add-cache-reference atom ;; Make a new cache reference
(car free-pos)
(cdr free-pos)
cache-references))) )) ))))
;;; Cache reference collection
(defun make-cache-reference-collection ()
(make-array 256
:fill-pointer 0
:adjustable nil
:initial-element t))
(defun get-cache-reference (ref collection)
(aref collection ref))
(defun find-cache-reference (atom collection)
(position atom collection :key #'car :test #'eq))
(defun add-cache-reference (atom new-p s-index internal-s-index collection)
(when (vector-push (list atom new-p s-index internal-s-index) collection)
(1- (fill-pointer collection))))