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;;;; Atom cache
(in-package :cleric)
(defstruct (atom-cache (:constructor make-atom-cache ())
(:print-object print-atom-cache))
"Erlang atom cache"
(segments (make-array '(8 256) :element-type 'symbol :initial-element nil)
:type (array symbol (8 256))
:read-only t))
(defvar *atom-cache* (make-atom-cache)
"An atom cache.")
(defun print-atom-cache (cache stream)
(print-unreadable-object (cache stream :type t :identity t)
(format stream "~a/2048"
for index upto 2047
counting (row-major-aref (atom-cache-segments cache) index)))))
(defun atom-cache-print-atoms (cache &optional (stream *standard-output*))
(dotimes (segment 8)
for internal upto 255
for atom = (aref (atom-cache-segments cache) segment internal)
if atom do (format stream "~&~d ~3d: ~a" segment internal atom))))
(defun atom-cache-location-of (symbol cache)
(dotimes (segment 8)
for internal upto 255
if (eq symbol (aref (atom-cache-segments cache) segment internal))
do (return-from atom-cache-location-of (cons segment internal)))))
(defun atom-cache-find-free (cache)
(dotimes (segment 8)
for internal upto 255
if (null (aref (atom-cache-segments cache) segment internal))
do (return-from atom-cache-find-free (cons segment internal)))))
(defun atom-cache-get (cache s-index internal-s-index)
(aref (atom-cache-segments cache) s-index internal-s-index))
(defun atom-cache-add (symbol cache s-index internal-s-index)
(setf (aref (atom-cache-segments cache) s-index internal-s-index) symbol))
(defun atom-cache-add-new (symbol cache)
(let ((location (atom-cache-location-of symbol cache)))
(if location
(atom-cache-add symbol cache (car location) (cdr location))
(let ((free (atom-cache-find-free cache)))
(atom-cache-add symbol cache (car free) (cdr free))))))
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