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;;;; Handshake between nodes
(in-package :cleric)
;;; Distribution header capability flags (from dist.hrl)
(defconstant +dflag-published+ #x0001)
(defconstant +dflag-atom-cache+ #x0002) ;; old atom cache
(defconstant +dflag-extended-references+ #x0004)
(defconstant +dflag-dist-monitor+ #x0008)
(defconstant +dflag-fun-tags+ #x0010)
(defconstant +dflag-dist-monitor-name+ #x0020)
(defconstant +dflag-hidden-atom-cache+ #x0040)
(defconstant +dflag-new-fun-tags+ #x0080)
(defconstant +dflag-extended-pids-ports+ #x0100)
(defconstant +dflag-export-ptr-tag+ #x0200)
(defconstant +dflag-bit-binaries+ #x0400)
(defconstant +dflag-new-floats+ #x0800)
(defconstant +dflag-unicode-io+ #x1000)
(defconstant +dflag-dist-hdr-atom-cache+ #x2000)
(defconstant +dflag-small-atom-tags+ #x4000)
(define-condition try-again ()
((reason :reader reason :initarg :reason))
(:documentation "This condition is signaled when trying to connect to a remote node that is busy."))
(defun try-again-condition-p (condition)
(typep condition 'try-again))
(define-condition connection-closed-error (error)
(:documentation "This error is signaled when trying to read from a socket stream that has been closed."))
(define-condition handshake-failed-error (error)
((reason :reader reason :initarg :reason))
(:documentation "This error is signaled if the handshake during connection to a remote node fails."))
;;; Client handshake
(defun perform-client-handshake (stream cookie)
(write-message stream (make-name-message +highest-version-supported+
(finish-output stream)
(with-slots (status) (read-status-message stream)
((or (string= status "ok")
(string= status "ok_simultaneous"))
(with-slots (version flags challenge full-node-name)
(read-challenge-message stream)
(let ((new-challenge (generate-challenge)))
(write-message stream
new-challenge (calculate-digest challenge cookie)))
(finish-output stream)
(with-slots (digest) (read-challenge-ack-message stream)
(unless (equal-digests (calculate-digest new-challenge cookie)
(error 'handshake-failed-error
:reason "Received incorrect digest"))
(values full-node-name flags version) )))) ;; Connect successful
((string= status "nok")
(signal 'try-again
:reason "Busy with other ongoing handshake"))
((string= status "not_allowed")
(error 'handshake-failed-error
:reason "Connection not allowed"))
((string= status "alive")
(error 'handshake-failed-error
:reason "Already connected."))
(error "This should not happen (as usual).")) ) ))
;;; Server handshake
(defun perform-server-handshake (stream cookie)
(with-slots (version flags full-node-name) (read-name-message stream)
;; TODO: Check if node is allowed to connect to us
(write-message stream (make-status-message "ok"))
(let ((challenge (generate-challenge)))
(write-message stream (make-challenge-message +highest-version-supported+
(finish-output stream)
(with-slots (new-challenge digest) (read-challenge-reply-message stream)
(unless (equal-digests (calculate-digest challenge cookie) digest)
(error 'handshake-failed-error
:reason "Received incorrect digest"))
(write-message stream (make-challenge-ack-message
(calculate-digest new-challenge cookie)))
(finish-output stream)
(values full-node-name flags version) )))) ;; Connect successful
;;; Helper functions
;; Erlang node capabilities: #x7FFD (all except DFLAG_ATOM_CACHE)
(defun capability-flags ()
;; According to distribution_handshake.txt, hidden nodes should
;; only set the flag EXTENDED_REFERENCES.
;; That does not work for me.
(logior +dflag-extended-references+
(defun generate-challenge ()
"Generate a random 32-bit unsigned integer."
(random (expt 2 32)))
(defun equal-digests (d1 d2)
(and (alexandria:length= d1 d2)
(every #'= d1 d2)))