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(in-package :cleric)
(defvar *listening-socket* nil
"The listening socket. NIL if not listening.")
;;; Conditions
(define-condition already-listening-on-socket (error)
((port :reader port :initarg :port))
(:documentation "This error is signaled when trying to listen on a socket when already listening on an existing socket."))
(define-condition not-listening-on-socket (error)
(:documentation "This condition is signaled when trying to accept connections with a listening socket."))
(defun start-listening-on-socket-restart (condition)
(declare (ignore condition))
(invoke-restart 'start-listening-on-socket))
;;; Socket listening functions
(defun listening-p ()
(not (null *listening-socket*)))
(defun listening-port ()
(when *listening-socket*
(usocket:get-local-port *listening-socket*)))
(defun stop-listening ()
(when *listening-socket*
(usocket:socket-close *listening-socket*)
(setf *listening-socket* nil)))
(defun start-listening ()
(if *listening-socket*
(error 'already-listening-on-socket)
(setf *listening-socket*
(usocket:socket-listen usocket:*wildcard-host*
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
(defun accept-connect ()
(if *listening-socket*
(usocket:socket-accept *listening-socket*
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(error 'not-listening-on-socket)))