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(in-package :cleric)
(defvar *remote-nodes* (list)
"Remote nodes connected to.")
(defclass remote-node ()
((socket :reader remote-node-socket :initarg :socket)
(atom-cache :reader remote-node-atom-cache :initform (make-atom-cache))
(port :reader remote-node-port :initarg :port)
(node-type :initarg :node-type) ;; 'ERLANG or 'HIDDEN
(protocol :initarg :protocol :initform 0) ;; 0 (TCP/IP v4)
(highest-version :initarg :highest-version)
(lowest-version :initarg :lowest-version)
(name :reader remote-node-name :initarg :name :documentation "The name of the remote node.")
(host :reader remote-node-host :initarg :host)
(full-name :initarg :full-name :initform nil)
(extra-field :initarg :extra-field :initform #())
(group-leader :initarg :group-leader :initform '|init|))
(:documentation "A representation of a remote node."))
(defmethod print-object ((object remote-node) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (object stream :type t)
(with-slots (port node-type name host) object
(format stream "(~a) ~a@~a [~a]" node-type name host port))))
(defmethod socket-stream ((node remote-node))
(usocket:socket-stream (remote-node-socket node)))
(define-condition node-unreachable-error (error)
(:documentation "This error is signaled when trying to connect to a node that is unreachable."))
(defun try-connect-again-restart (condition)
(declare (ignore condition))
(invoke-restart 'try-connect-again))
(defun make-remote-node (node-info)
(make-instance 'remote-node
:port (cleric-epmd:node-port node-info)
:node-type (cleric-epmd:node-type node-info)
:protocol (cleric-epmd:node-protocol node-info)
:highest-version (cleric-epmd:node-highest-version node-info)
:lowest-version (cleric-epmd:node-lowest-version node-info)
:name (cleric-epmd:node-name node-info)
:host (cleric-epmd:node-host node-info)
:extra-field (cleric-epmd:node-extra-field node-info)))
(defun remote-node-connect (node-info cookie)
"Connect and perform handshake with a remote node."
(let* ((remote-node (make-remote-node node-info))
(usocket:socket-connect (remote-node-host remote-node)
(remote-node-port remote-node)
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(usocket:connection-refused-error ()
(error 'node-unreachable-error)) )))
(handler-bind ((condition #'(lambda (condition)
(declare (ignore condition))
(usocket:socket-close socket))))
(multiple-value-bind (full-node-name flags version)
(perform-client-handshake (usocket:socket-stream socket) cookie)
(declare (ignore full-node-name flags version))
(setf (slot-value remote-node 'socket) socket)
(register-connected-remote-node remote-node)))
(try-connect-again ()
:test try-again-condition-p
(remote-node-connect node-info cookie))) ))
(defun remote-node-accept-connect (cookie)
(let ((socket (restart-case (accept-connect)
(start-listening-on-socket ()
:report "Start listening on a socket."
(accept-connect)) )))
(handler-bind ((condition #'(lambda (condition)
(declare (ignore condition))
(usocket:socket-close socket))))
(multiple-value-bind (full-node-name flags version)
(perform-server-handshake (usocket:socket-stream socket) cookie)
(declare (ignore flags))
(make-instance 'remote-node
:socket socket
:node-type 'erlang ;; Can we get this information from flags?
:lowest-version version
:highest-version version
:name (node-name full-node-name)
:host (node-name full-node-name)
:full-name full-node-name))
(defun register-connected-remote-node (remote-node)
(push remote-node *remote-nodes*)
(defun find-connected-remote-node (node-name) ;; Make NODE-NAME a node designator
(find node-name *remote-nodes* :key #'remote-node-name :test #'string=)) ;; Perhaps also check full name?
(defun remote-node-sockets ()
(mapcar #'remote-node-socket *remote-nodes*))
(defun connected-remote-nodes ()
(mapcar #'remote-node-name *remote-nodes*))