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Nette Addons custom installer for Composer
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Nette Module Installer

This is a custom installer for Composer packaging system which helps installing Nette Modules.

Creating an Module

To create a new Nette Module, simply create it as a Composer package. There are only a few differences from normal Composer packages:

  1. Set type to nette-module
  2. Add this installer as a requirement: flame/module-installer: @dev
  3. Set extra section of composer.json

Here is an example:

	"extra": {
		"module": {
			"class": "Flame\\CMS\\ErrorModule\\DI\\ErrorExtension",
			"name": "Error"

Name is optional

Look at this composer.json for full example.

Your extension will be added into app/config/extensions.(php|neon) file

Please create first the file with php or neon extension

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