High-performance object-based library for DLA computations
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libflame library

Thank you for deciding to try out the libflame library!

libflame is a portable library for dense matrix computations, providing
much of the functionality present in LAPACK. In fact, libflame includes
a compatibility layer, FLAPACK, which includes a complete LAPACK
implementation. The source code for libflame is hosted on github:


For detailed instructions on how to configure, build, install, and link
against libflame, please visit the UTCS libflame webpage at:


We also encourage you to refer to the libflame reference manual. This
manual contains all the information you need to get started with
libflame, including installation directions, usage examples, and a
complete API reference. If you have LaTeX installed on your system, you
may simply change into the 'docs/libflame' subdirectory of the top-level
directory of the libflame source tree and build the document from its
source. You may also find a nightly build of the document here:


You can keep in touch with developers and other users of the project by
joining the following mailing list:

  o libflame-discuss - http://groups.google.com/group/libflame-discuss
    Please join and post to this mailing list if you have general questions
    or feedback regarding libflame.

  o (NOTE: We do not yet have a developer's mailing list. For now,
    developers and those with developer-related questions can simply post
    to libflame-discuss.

Also, please read the LICENSE file for information on copying and
distributing this software.

Thanks again for your interest in libflame!


Field G. Van Zee
(for the FLAME team)