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;; Example 3.30
(define (riple-carry-adder a-num b-num s-num c)
(define (clock A B S Carry)
(if (null? A)
(let ((ai (car A))
(bi (car B))
(si (car S))
(c-out (make-wire)))
(full-adder ai bi Carry si c-out)
(clock (cdr A) (cdr B) (cdr S) c-out))))
(if (not (= (length a-num) (length b-num) (length s-num)))
(error "Bad numbers passed in adder-proc")
(clock a-num b-num s-num c)))
;; delay
;; half-adder-delay = max ( (or-delay + and-delay), (2 * and-delay + inv-delay) )
;; full-adder-delay = 2 * half-adder-delay + or-delay
;; delay = n * full-adder-delay
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