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;; Example 3.65
#lang racket
(require racket/stream)
;; for partial sums and scaling streams
(define (my-stream-map proc . argstreams)
(if (stream-empty? (car argstreams))
(apply proc (map stream-first argstreams))
(apply my-stream-map
(cons proc (map stream-rest argstreams))))))
(define (add-streams s1 s2)
(my-stream-map + s1 s2))
(define (partial-sums stream)
(stream-cons (stream-first stream)
(add-streams (partial-sums stream)
(stream-rest stream))))
;; display
(define (display-stream-n stream n)
(if (<= n 0)
(display (stream-first stream))
(display-stream-n (stream-rest stream) (- n 1)))))
;; euler transform
(define (euler-transform s)
(let ((s0 (stream-ref s 0))
(s1 (stream-ref s 1))
(s2 (stream-ref s 2)))
(stream-cons (- s2 (/ (* (- s2 s1) (- s2 s1))
(+ s0 (* -2 s1) s2)))
(euler-transform (stream-rest s)))))
(define (make-tableau transform s)
(stream-cons s
(make-tableau transform
(transform s))))
(define (accelerated-sequence transform s)
(stream-map stream-first
(make-tableau transform s)))
;; ln
(define (ln-summands n)
(stream-cons (/ 1.0 n)
(stream-map - (ln-summands (+ n 1)))))
(define ln-stream (partial-sums (ln-summands 1)))
(display "--- ln 2 ---\n\n")
(display-stream-n ln-stream 10)
(display "\n--- ln 2 euler improved ---\n\n")
(display-stream-n (euler-transform ln-stream) 10)
(display "\n--- ln 2 euler improved improved ---\n\n")
(display-stream-n (accelerated-sequence euler-transform ln-stream) 10)
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