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A simple software renderer.
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Here is simple software renderer. It means, that it doesn't use OpenGL or DirectX to perform rendering. All that it use is WinAPI functions to put image block on a screen.

Why software rendering?

Just educatonal and kind of research goals.


Now it supports:

  • Loading some graphics files with mesh data(.obj). Also it can load bmp files via CImg library.
  • Lighting (ambient, directional and point).
  • Constant, wireframe, flat and gouraud shading.
  • Simple material support.
  • Z buffer.
  • Bilinear filtering for texture mapping.
  • Mathematical operations with scene nodes like scaling, translating and rotation.
  • Perspective correct texture mapping.
  • Customizable camera.
  • Configuration files (you can tune lights (intensity, position, etc) or add objects, that will appear in a scene). Also you can setup position of objects through the scene config file.

TODO: optimization.


Check out this to get compiled example. Use wasd to perform camera movement, mouse + left mouse button - cam control.


This renderer supports only Windows. In order to compile it you should use Visual Studio 2012 (the project uses C++11).

Package structure

The main directory is organized as follows:

  • client/ - project for library testing.
  • renderer/ - main part: renderer code, that compiles into static library.
  • resources/ - some mesh data and renderer config files (with .json extention).
  • www/ - images for future wiki.
  • - this file.
  • df3d.sln - MSVS2012 solution file.


Is here. There you can see some screenshots.


This tool is provided under the MIT license.

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