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What is this?

We use a trimmed-down OS to diagnose Macs in need of repair. Our default user, diagnostic, does not have a password. Sometimes, we need to use the sudo command, but Apple disabled sudo access for users with a blank password.

How do I use this?

Edit the Makefile to add your own reverse domain (rather than edu.sju). If your user isn't diagnostic, be sure to rename and edit that file, then adjust the Makefile appropriately.

Afterwards, cd into the allow_diagnostic_sudo directory, then run any of the following:

  • make pkg
  • make dmg
  • make munkiimport (be sure your Munki repository is mounted first)


I've only tested this with macOS 10.12.1, but it appears it should work with 10.10.x and 10.11.x.