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What is this?

I was tasked with deploying Gaussian 09, some scientific software, on modern versions of OS X. It's not easy. I'm publishing this code in hopes of making it easier. Please see the manual for more information.

Also: I'm not 100% convinced that this software works correctly on OS X 10.9 and above - their instructions lead to errors when opening a new Terminal session - but after a lot of trial and error, I ended up just following them anyway. The graduate student that uses this program tells me that everything she's tried seems to work.


As the code is written, you'll need outset, Munki and The Luggage. You'll also need my luggage.local file. If you know what you're doing, feel free to modify this to be more generic. I mostly just want this to be out there, in case anyone faces the same request.

You'll also need two files, provided by the developer: gv-509-MacOSX-Intel.tgz and M64-108X.tgz. This is the Gaussian 09 and GaussView software, copied from the discs. I cannot provide these files. Place them in the same directory as this repository.

How do I use this?

You'll need to make some modifications. First, check out add_gaussian_user.applescript. The installation manual specifies that you'll need to create a specific group of users for this software. We decided that'd be too much work, so we specified the "everyone" group instead - it turns out the software checks for that and refuses to work correctly if the permissions aren't narrow enough. We finally gave in and made a 'gaussian' group (it's part of the included preinstall and postinstall scripts). This AppleScript, saved as an application, assists users in adding domain accounts to the new 'gaussian' group. Be sure to change the SJU-VMAD\\ portion to your domain. In our case, it's AD, but this should work with AD, OD, LDAP, etc. Save it as an application called "Add Gaussian User" and import it into Munki with that as the name.

As part of deploying this application, you'll need to instruct your users to run the 'Add Gaussian User' application to give users access to both applications. 'Add Gaussian User' requires administrator privileges.

Beyond that, you should be fine to cd into this directory, make munkiimport, and call it a day.


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