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Mac Eve Tools DB Build scripts

This is a series of scripts that will take the CCP db export 
(hosted on a MySQL server) and build an sqlite database that
MET can use.

You need:
The CCP DB export, hosted on a MySQL server. It can be found here:

Edit the various .py and .pl files and edit the connection
info to point to your database.

Compile the SHA1 hash program by running make.


Edit the DB version number ($DBVERSION) to match what is in the 
config object in MET.
Edit the DB name ($DBEXPANSION) to match the name of the expansion
that the database belongs to.

If the version number of the database is less than what is hardcoded in 
the MET config object, MET will insist on downloading a new database
each time it loads.  If it can't find the new version then it will
get stuck in a loop.  The only way to fix this is to manually
update the version number in the DB to be >= to the hardcoded value
in MET

To build the database run

If it ran with no errors, you will have two new files

* database.sql.bz2
* MacEveApi-database.xml

The sql.bz2 file is a compressed SQL dump containing all the
SQL statements needed to build a new sqlite database.

The xml file contains Base64 encoded SHA-1 checksums of the database in
compressed and uncompressed forms.

If you wish to use the resulting database in MET directly you
can build an sqlite database from the bz2 like so

bunzip2 -kc database.sql.bz2 | sqlite3 database.sqlite
copy database.sqlite to ~/Library/Application Support/MacEveApi/

When MET starts up it should be using the new database.
You can verfy this by looking at the database name in the database
tab in the preference menu.

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