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fsapi - Frontier Silicon API for PHP Build Status

This code is work in progress! It is not finnished yet, feel free co contribute to it.

This code is developed for Frontier Silicon Ltd. Venice 6.2 chipset and tested with TERRIS® Stereo Internetradio.

In This case there is no spotify mode and there are not so many equalizers.

Please let me know if it does not work on your device.


Class Radio

The radio class provides an easy to use set of human readable methods and parameters.

$Radio = new Radio($host,$pin);
$response = $Radio->radioFrequency(106.4);
$response = $Radio->mute(0);
$response = $Radio->volume(5);


The fsapi class provides the abstracted basic communication with the device.

$Request = new Request($host,$session_id,$pin);
$FSAPI = new FSAPI($Request);
$response = $FSAPI->doRequest('SET','',array('value' => 0));
$response = $FSAPI->doRequest('SET',''',array('value' => 106400));
$response = $FSAPI->doRequest('SET','',array('value' => 5));

Class SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol)

The ssdp class provices the device discovery via UPNP. This is a verry rudimentary class which does only this one thing.

$Scanner = new Scanner();
$SSDP = new SSDP($Scanner);
$response = $SSDP->doScan('urn:schemas-frontier-silicon-com:fs_reference:fsapi:1');

More examples

You can find a detailed documentation for the classes at:

Example implementation:

You can find an example implementation in the following repository:


You can find a documentation of the raw FSAPI reqests and responses at: