Round-Robin Schedule generator
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RRSchedule makes it easier to generate round-robin schedules for sport leagues.

It takes into consideration the number of available playing surfaces and game times and split games into gamedays that respect these contraints.


gem install rrschedule
require 'rrschedule'

Prepare the schedule
  #array of teams that will compete against each other. If you group teams into multiple flights (divisions),
  #a separate round-robin is generated in each of them but the "physical constraints" are shared
  :teams => [
    %w(A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8),
    %w(B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8)

  #Setup some scheduling rules
  :rules => [ => 3, :gt => ["7:00PM","9:00PM"], :ps => ["field #1", "field #2"]), => 5, :gt => ["7:00PM"], :ps => ["field #1"])
  #First games are played on...
  :start_date => Date.parse("2010/10/13"),
  #array of dates to exclude
  :exclude_dates => [Date.parse("2010/11/24"),Date.parse("2010/12/15")],
  #Number of times each team must play against each other (default is 1)
  :cycles => 1,
  #Shuffle team order before each cycle. Default is true
  :shuffle => true

Generate the schedule


Playing with the output

human readable schedule

puts schedule.to_s

Iterate through schedule

schedule.gamedays.each do |gd|
  puts "====================" do |g|
    puts g.team_a.to_s + " Vs " + g.team_b.to_s + " on playing surface ##{g.playing_surface} at #{g.game_time.strftime("%I:%M %p")}"     
  puts "\n"

Display each round of the round-robin(s) without any date/time or playing location info

puts s.rounds.collect{|r| r.to_s}

Issues / Other

Hope this gem will be useful to some people!

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