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Olives is a light and powerful framework for creating realtime UIs that is based on Emily.

###Installing Olives

Olives works exclusively in browsers, but it has a server that helps linking the server with the browser. The Transport layer is based on the famous socket.io.

For instructions on how to install it, follow the Installation instructions.

###Creating UIs

To create UIs, you need to use the root Object called the OObject. OObject will connect your views with your model and data in an extremely expressive way. An introduction is available in Understanding-Olives'-MV*-model.

###Extending Olives

You can extend Olives through Plugins. The plugins will add behavior to the UIs. It's really easy to write Your-own-plugin.

###Built-in functionalities

Olives comes with incredibly useful features

  • Bind.plugin: A complete plugin that double-way binds you view with your model. It has pagination too!
  • Event.plugin: For executing actions on user events.
  • Place.plugin: For placing UIs in UIs.

It also has LocalStore, a persistent store based on Emily Store.

###Communicating with your node.js server

Olives wraps socket.io in Transport. Transport can be used to make requests to. You can add requests handlers (or channel) too. Want to connect to a mail server, a SIP server, another database?