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Hymmnoserver is a fan-translated version of the Japanese-language HYMMNOSERVER.

The English-language version is a blind reimplementation using Python, PHP, and MySQL.


The purpose of this project is to make the world of GUST and Banpresto's Ar tonelico series more accessible to its English-speaking fanbase.

The English Hymmnoserver's origin, its primary live implementation, may be accessed at

Maturity and scope

HYMMNOSERVER currently offers an extensive index of words in the Hymmnos language, in both the standard and Pastalia dialect-families, with methods to search in Hymmnos, English, or phonetic Japanese (kana). It is usable as a tool to assist in translating entire phrases from Hymmnos into English, by streamlining the lookup process, providing additional information on demand, and offering a reasonably robust syntax-processing validator and structure-introspector:

Additionally, it provides comprehensive documentation of the language's history and a detailed introduction to the basic premise behind how sentences are written and read.



Under the terms of this project's license, Creative Commons attribution/share-alike 3.0, all source code and assets are freely available to anyone who wants to use them, provided they don't deny others the same degree of access or claim them as their own. Anyone is free to offer patches and improvements (you'll be credited), and you can open an issue if you spot a bug and coding's just not your thing.


Translations into other languages are welcome. In fact, the project itself is structured to make the process relatively painless, with utilities to help keep translations synchronized with the English database, procedures to help avoid conflicts when updating code and content, and provisioning for hosting and concurrent development right alongside the project's trunk.

If you want to make Hymmnos more accessible to others speaking your language, we'll help to make sure you spend more time translating and less time worrying about the little things.

Project information

Development plans

This project is currently in maintenance-mode, with no major updates planned. New words and corrections are welcome, however.


If you like the Hymmnoserver, let us know -- developers love hearing from users, even if we don't always show it.


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