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To use

This Agora Server is meant to be used in conjunction with an Agora. An Agora is a collection of digital gardens and other information sources that are assembled into a distributed knowledge graph.

For an example Agora, and for more information on the Agora design, please refer to

To see the Agora Server in action with the example Agora, please visit

To develop

Install OS dependencies:

$ apt-get install python3 python3-venv python3-pip

Then install Flask (and other required packages) inside a Python virtual environment in this directory:

python3 -m venv venv
. venv/bin/activate  # you'll need to run this every time before running the server.
pip install -r requirements.txt

Then run the development server:


If you change Typescript, you'll want to use parcel to watch for changes and recompile:

parcel watch app/js-src/index.ts --dist-dir app/static/js

If you don't have parcel, see You need parcel 2 for the above command to work. sudo yarn global add parcel@next should get you that if you're using yarn (it might end up in /usr/local/bin/parcel).

Please see CONTRIBUTING for instructions on how to contribute; it may require a one-time signing of a Google CLA.

Note this project is not an official Google project, and will not be supported by Google. It was simply initiated by flancian@ while employed at Google, and thus copyright belongs to Google as indicated in LICENSE and in various license headers. This should be of essentially no effect to you or its users (beyond the required signing of the CLA if you contribute), as it is released under an open license; please reach out to flancian@ or some other maintainer if this concerns you.

About the project

As you might have inferred from the above, this project is based on Flask. /app hosts the Flask app. In it:

app/ has the high level Flask setup. app/ does rendering (url maps, views). app/ has logic to read/process notes. The db is actually the filesystem :) app/js-src has Javascript and Typescript sources. app/templates are Jinja2 templates.


Agora Server implementation for the Agora (




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