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This is the [[index]] of my [[digital garden]], which serves also as an entry point of sorts to the wider [[Agora of Flancia]].

If you are reading this in the [[Agora]] proper, you should see it rendered in context and with a [[navigation UI]]. If you are reading this garden directly in its source (e.g. [[git repository]]), consider visiting or some other Agora this garden is known to be in to render it with resolved [[wikilinks]] and amenities ;)


In an Agora, a [[node]] is a collection of [[resources]] having to do with a topic; a [[thing]] or an [[idea]] or whatever you want the node to mean.

The resources are files found in gardens like this one. This note, for example, belongs to node [[index]] because its name is [[]].

The following might be interesting nodes to start browsing this garden and the Agora at large.

  • [[Person]]: contains links to nodes about [[people]].
  • [[Agora]]: I write about the Agora often, in the Agora of course :) This node, like all and the Agora proper, is a [[work in progress]] -- but it should be a reasonable starting point to understand what the [[Agora]] is and what it tries to achieve.
  • [[Commons]]: the [[Free]] [[Commons]] is an ideal that the Agora tries to uphold and represent for the benefit of its users and all sentient beings. A lot of my writing has to do with the Commons in one way or another.
  • #go: this tag marks URLs as canonical for a given node. The associated Agora action then lets users jump to the URL by visiting e.g. location [[go/agora]].

Beyond checking the resources proper, which are mostly but not exclusively notes, remember to check for [[links]] in and out of each node.


These are nodes whose titles look like dates, like e.g. those matching [[ISO 8601]] or [[RFC 3339]] dates. They are interpreted as [[journals]] and aggregated in that Agora location.

How to contribute to this Agora

If you like to take personal notes (recommended)

See [[Agora editors]] for alternatives. I ([[Flancian]]) currently recommend:

  • [[Silver Bullet]] ([[MIT]] license) <- start here by default as of the time of writing ([[2024]]).
  • [[Logseq]] ([[AGPL]]).
  • [[Obsidian]] (closed source).

Then sign up for a [[git]] provider, like (or the better known and decent but corporate-run, upload your garden to it (this yields the nice side effect of keeping it backed up but under your control!) and send us its location and your desired username. See [[Agora signup]] for more.

If you prefer to contribute from social media

You can also contribute straight from the [[Fediverse]] once you get an account in a server (e.g. one providing [[Mastodon]] to a community, or one you run yourself). I am part of and help run [[]]; it is a good one if you are interested in [[cooperativism]]. There's thousands more! See [[Map of the Fediverse]] for more.

Once you sign up to the [[Fediverse]], you can follow [[]] and it will watch your posts for [[wikilinks]]. You can configure the bot to include the full text of your post or only links; and to also include, and respond to, post with #hashtags.

If you just want to write down something quickly and don't care about attribution

Consider just leaving an anonymous note anywhere around the [[Agora]] in a [[stoa]], which is a public space meant for collaboration (think [[wiki]] or shared editor) available in each [[node]].

For more

Please [[reach out]] if you want to try [[note taking]] or are interested in the [[Fediverse]] and need help, regardless of whether you would like to contribute your notes to the [[Agora]].

Please see [[how to edit this Agora]] if you're interested in contributing or [[how to run an Agora]] for instructions for running your own.

-> [[Agora Development]] [[Agora Discuss]] [[In Flancia there is an Agora]]