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Canary Checker

Tool for executing checks and reporting results via prometheus

  • http - query a HTTP url and verify response code and content
  • dns - query a DNS server and verify results
  • docker - pull a docker image and verify size and digest
  • dockerPush - push a docker image
  • helm - push and pull a helm chart
  • s3 - List, Put, and Get an object in an S3 bucket
  • s3Bucket - query the contents on a bucket for freshness and size, useful for verifying backups have been created
  • tcp - connect to a TCP port
  • pod - schedule a pod in kubernetes cluster
  • pod_and_ingress - schedule a pod in kubernetes cluster and verify it is accessible via an ingress
  • ldap - query a ldap server for an object
  • ssl - check ssl certificate expiry
  • icmp - ping an IP and verify latency and packet loss threshold
  • postgres - query a postgres database for a result

Getting Started


	canary-checker serve [flags]


      --failureThreshold int   Default Number of consecutive failures required to fail a check (default 2)
      --httpPort int           Port to expose a health dashboard  (default 8080)
      --interval uint          Default interval (in seconds) to run checks on (default 30)

Global Flags:

  -c, --configfile string   Specify configfile
  -v, --loglevel count      Increase logging level

The config file is YAML formatted:

  - endpoints:
    thresholdMillis: 3000
    responseCodes: [201,200,301]
    responseContent: ""
    maxSSLExpiry: 7
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