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werf helm repo/dependency commands

werf helm repo

add         Add a chart repository
fetch       Download a chart from a repository and (optionally) unpack it in local directory
init        Init default chart repositories configuration
list        List chart repositories
remove      Remove a chart repository
search      Search for a keyword in charts
update      Update information of available charts locally from chart repositories

werf helm dependency

build       Rebuild the charts/ directory based on the requirements.lock file
list        List the dependencies
update      Update charts/ based on the contents of requirements.yaml

Deploy chart by CHART_REFERENCE

$ werf helm deploy-chart stable/nginx-ingress myrelease 

[ci-env] Modify GitLab extra annotations

  • Add annotations
  • Rename annotation:
    • to

[stapel image] Expand tilde to home directory for custom mount

- fromPath: ~/go-cache 
  to: /app/go-cache


  • [deploy] Default helm render engine
  • [docs] Stapel Image/Adding source code from git repositories: add note about submodules
  • [docs] Configuration/Deploy into kubernetes: note about using Go templates functions in TEMPLATE
  • [docs] Publications: add articles about Dockerfiles
  • [logging] Up deploy
  • [ci-env] Defaults log terminal width to 95
  • [logging] Update status progress and log chunks view


Linux amd64

Darwin amd64

Windows amd64

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