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@flant-team-sysdev flant-team-sysdev released this Aug 21, 2019 · 94 commits to master since this release

Reject deploy post-apply hooks

Unnecessary hooks, added for experiment, finally decided to remove.


[deploy] Ignore 'POST operation could not be complete' sts error.

[ci-env] Fix Gitlab 12.1.4+ output: turn off color mode

[docs] ci-env and tag slug

[docs] Gemfile.lock vulnerability update fix

[stapel image] Fix CMD and ENTRYPOINT logic

  • force reset CMD if a user specifies ENTRYPOINT (to ignore inherited CMD value from base image)
  • reset CMD only with "[]" for all docker versions
  • skip auto-resetting CMD if ENTRYPOINT is inherited or specified

[dockerignore] Fix pattern with starting double asterisks does not work properly

  • The pattern does not check root files

New commands

[config] werf config list command
[config] werf config render command


Linux amd64

Darwin amd64

Windows amd64

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