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@flant-team-sysdev flant-team-sysdev released this Nov 5, 2019 · 248 commits to master since this release

Introducing deploy updates using 3-way-merge patches

Three-way-merge modes:

  • disabled;
  • onlyNewReleases;
  • enabled.

By default 3wm is disabled.

Starting with 15.11.2019 werf will use onlyNewReleases 3wm mode (3 way merge will be used only for new releases).
Starting with 05.12.2019 werf will use enabled 3wm mode (for old and new releases).
To set 3wm use env var WERF_THREE_WAY_MERGE_MODE=disabled|enabled|onlyNewReleases (or --three-way-merge-mode cli option). More docs will be available soon.

Introducing resources adoption during deploy

It is forbidden to describe a resource in the chart that already exists in the cluster by default.

To adopt already existing resource set annotation to the resource in the chart template and deploy this chart with werf.

Werf CI (github actions) and tests

[ci] Cache integration tests tools
[ci] Update Github Actions workflow
[ci] Cache go modules and test tools

[tests] Test simple repair-patch cases
[tests] Integration Guides Suite: go tests
[tests] Integration Cleanup Suite: go tests
[tests] Deploy tracking tests
[tests] Integration Build/Stapel Image/Git Suite

Fixes, docs and other

[ansible] Fix error: 'LiveStdoutListener' object has no attribute '_reader'
(refs #1713)

[git] Refactor remote git repo clone path; fix 'invalid cross-device link' error
(fixes #1038)

[stages purge] Remove containers that use werf images with force option
[images cleanup] Support env variable for '--without-kube' option

Override project name with $WERF_PROJECT_NAME variable.

[docs] Configuration/Adding docker instructions: upd
[docs] Add publication
[docs] Add publication
[docs] Configuration/Adding source code from git repositories: upd


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Windows amd64

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