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@flant-team-sysdev flant-team-sysdev released this Nov 20, 2019 · 160 commits to master since this release

Windows support!

60% code coverage by tests

Corrected 3-way-merge mode dates

Corrected 3wm mode default dates: use onlyNewReleases mode since 01.12.2019, enabled mode — since 15.12.2019.

Git work tree switch strikes back: rework and speedup git work tree cache

  • One work tree belongs only to one git repo on localhost.
    Multiple repos (as in gitlab with parallel builds) will
    have multiple uniq work trees, one per repo.
  • Optimized work tree switch procedure in the case when
    work tree is already in the desired commit state.
  • New cache files structure:
worktree # actual work tree directory in the state corresponding to some commit
current_commit # file contains commit hash corresponding to the worktree state
git_dir # path to the git dir to which this work tree belongs

REPO_ID is unique per each local repo clone.

During switch from OLD_COMMIT to NEW_COMMIT procedure
~/.werf/local_cache/git_worktrees/3/local/REPO_ID_HASH/current_commit file will be removed,
then worktree state will be switched in the dir ~/.werf/local_cache/git_worktrees/3/local/REPO_ID_HASH/worktree,
then ~/.werf/local_cache/git_worktrees/3/local/REPO_ID_HASH/current_commit will be created with the NEW_COMMIT hash.

Only a single process can work with ~/.werf/local_cache/git_worktrees/3/local/REPO_ID_HASH cache at the same time.

Update kubedog

Synchronize trackers statuses when Added, Failed or Ready signals received: should fix incorrect status table indicators.


Linux amd64

Darwin amd64

Windows amd64

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