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@flant-team-sysdev flant-team-sysdev released this Nov 29, 2019 · 106 commits to master since this release


Improved OS support

  • Basic working version for Windows.
  • Better MacOS support.

E2E tests

For all supported OS (linux, macos, win).

60% code coverage.

Improved and optimized Git subsystem

  • Optimized git worktree switch procedure (especially when submodules are used).
  • Fixed some bugs related to empty dirs existing in the files added using git-mappings.

Changed deploy subsystem

  • Rejected generation of temporal helm-chart to be deployed by the helm subsystem. Now werf adds additional go-templates and values, excludes unnecessary chart files (like Chart.yaml) in runtime and deploy helm chart directly from PROJECT_ROOT/.helm dir.
  • Improved resource trackers synchronization with status-table to fix bugs related to inaccurate indicators of resource readiness, replicas counter and other indicators in the status-table, out of sync with the real resources state.
  • Fixed Job tracker: show logs of restarting pods of a job.
  • Access environment variables from helm templates with env function (

Stapel and ansible

Updated and rebuilt stapel image to fix some problems and add new ansible modules support.

Working gpg module, unzip, unarchive when used in the alpine.

Add groupadd and useradd utils to the stapel for ansible modules to work in the alpine.

Add more docker layers to the stapel image itself (flant/werf-stapel) to speed up downloading.

Current ansible version is 2.7.15.

Full changelog

cc3ab381bef9df78d1d6c5841d42d057fd653527 [tests] Integration Helm/Render Suite: render with secrets
cab454cee0a19e074f3ccb3741a9785a5bfdce4d [tests] Integration Build/Common Suite: persistent stage signatures
66c230a8013d87bb111725f6f8fb0105f8b35b49 Update kubedog
d13a3fafc933db3f8a378ed8edb7e8981227d6ab STAGE is not exist in stages storage: detailed info message
accd4df53aca4075fef4f4792ef8cb073f57471a [docs] README/Getting started
8b9bb16e68c35f02b164bdac5873d5b852b19562 [tests] utils/werfexec: use GinkgoWriter
d0631592db6f751a1409f1a1af461c704bbf2b72 Added getting started section to
945a4952391bc9beeda6880de9e70b4117760a30 [stapel] Downgrade ansible to 2.7.15
4518a88121bd9700135a7fc5242581af6cdea4c8 [ci] Reducing test time go install open C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\go\bin\ginkgo.exe: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
fcd631bb7755a7b1287f7608da98fc17b0b080b7 [docs] ./docs/
6ecfac92efe6479bd77bc3249268ed18f73f6541 [ci] Decoding secret kubeconfig on windows
659b9708d115237f01365c21c896e9db78083436 [deploy] Fix masking of secret values (2)
ec05397d134136b63ac190043d21b29e6abba1c7 [docs] Fix README and landing page roadmap
62d473e1d0b61ae029ee41822407516d575ff51c [ci] Self-hosted windows runners
0d5aa8e675b60586b494b3069be15691c0d755e9 insecure-repo as skip-tls-verify-registry option alias
b085e51c6e323dcd0a10bb9dfc12e1e2eeafb516 [deploy] Pass secret values as a separate argument to values-merger and fix masking of secret values
18dc6125ba1da3c3677ae635d3575790e011ea8e [stapel image] Legacy: absolute git.add
01601f28d61b774febeeed2dd59a7a4306cc0f66 [stapel image] Legacy: docker StopSignal
2f5160df02feb2d635e3f7609cc1432ddefd4bb0 [windows] GC and host purge without linux container
5ff654c7a3742ed60ca68b3fb0d212486b6a3642 [ci] Self-hosted macOS runners
2ef0ea3c39fe7ac237a7e17dd9227e1559ae9f1d [ci] Change integration tests runner command
81724fa510e13774c19da3a9fe98de58c388a6a8 [deploy] Add image digest to auto generated helm values
7da22306defb8122a6e6c80986c71a3f2b0aa7c3 [git] Handle invalid work tree cache when git repo of the work tree gone (2)
cdd1e40e97fb2639fa5edc74a61505ba59ef2b57 [git] Handle invalid work tree cache when git repo of the work tree gone
f2b8e342ac91db87dad39d0b1ce709e02d0b2625 [docs] Configuration/Introduction: .Files.Get shell example
d9f6964945df6cd9958c6dd2439b1702b7657706 [docs] Deploy into kubernetes/Service values: up is_nameless_image
ef5825e4871d8d2410e8c873a1504438956851e1 [docs] Configuration/Introduction/Minimal config example: up
154888228b3a34ab2334b16f5be0c9421595f698 [windows] Fix auto-convert eol when checking out code in git worktree (core.autocrlf=false)
fb15daf700587a2fdef727bd5d77bbff071a4fda [windows] Fix introspection does not work
a83b80fe8aa441bc6e026e6b8e609a7185d82c15 [windows] Fix repo symlinks cannot be added
fb1ca092b948e5fcfb7464ebad9a8a52e35c35a5 [tests] utils.RunCommandWithOptions && refactor
8a6f91854b0b0e142ff1d99aef812f207aa119a4 [3-way-merge,docs] Fix typo
d423f983d71d3415ce9507518c3d56d3910ce007 [3-way-merge] Correct 3wm modes dates: use onlyNewReleases mode since 01.12.2019, enabled mode — since 15.12.2019
974c5dc0964199bb9189d8d5711a87f9c0cd6d2f [3-way-merge] Correct 3wm modes dates: use onlyNewReleases mode since 01.12.2019
23dc868766cbd9e541c00e63a56c24ea101b9cd2 [tests] Cleanup Suite: cleanup/purge commands
75801ef35d07046acb469af7dad64b3cef831b6a [tests] Util Suite
c0510b00dc4f956fb56d01489705427099fd9c11 [codeclimate] Remove unused code, tiny fixes and refactor
06c6eb9cea5d9665b2ab3dcaf4988c084e838400 [true_git] Fix typo
547089a7ec1cf8559ad36cbf007d6a99b80f4b1a [tests] Helm/Get Suite
4133875c320da750a43902847c11bb7d77a015e3 [tests] Helm/Lint Suite
c339afc955065944bf593d2cfe9bf4d3a3cfb46a [tests] Helm/Render Suite
a99b518e39d34e1c88fa040aca065cf99dbce822 [tests] Helm/Dependency Suite
fe359f3f6ff47c533f39af2e702e2582a55bcd5c [tests] Helm/Repo Suite
b36147fd4648776653f15a15e12b5460207a97a2 [tests] Docs Suite
86293d362172e64d33655db4d0fb2e3e16bd5915 [docs] docs/
69d7c160b4557cdd97e5b6bba13de4c1e787aba0 [tests] Refactor
fc6b55e3af37cbea8aeefb797bfdf233a1eb8c77 [tests] Config Suite
327591ac76dd863a704a6e9ff5a1ed6c5eee6255 Git work tree switch strikes back: rework and speedup git work tree cache
1affdcdfe51198b0b8012ea00c477c7331251d64 [tests] Fix on windows
7e3725f5eea06f2b640a5a6be59aa232203d4e29 [tests] Refactor
ebfd78c97c6597c8fac6b40b265d9d79e608a380 [windows] Disable color output in windows shell by default
3e32d677b15c4980dcc87ecc876c82fa92fc8764 [windows] Fix git archive logic
481a72656b4b22deb6298f182507e985121ac579 [windows] Fix GC with linux container
4c9f0ef2bfa4f8b20dc97d752f175b5ca78e20b2 [windows] Fix artifact import
9f624dbe9f468a5a4b282cf6c97d548ebfa26be6 [windows] Fix default werf home dir
ec6b81106be7437ddb478c591ca200d9bc3497aa [windows] Fix working with paths
b82d4b71dc4b34bf4673c3888f570d17c5fe32ec fix typo
2dad73286a36f5a0251bce0f75809cfdc76a5bbb [kubedog] Update kubedog: synchronize trackers statuses when Added, Failed or Ready signals received
eae15a919a2a50abfa69b0c1001e8d021fc33d82 [stapel image] Reject docker.STOPSIGNAL stopsignal is not a valid change command
d93e4bf6c1572e0c4c9d230ce0f9249464072ecd [tests] Stapel Image/Docker Instructions Suite: base
c5016ac41c920084da0d1d802ad89e2842eadf55 [tests] Refactor
950c64f231819c15971fbef320abf3e958b7b854 [stapel image] Fix image from validation
02f05b255a6428082315aee12f80c96d059683e9 [tests] Stapel Image/Base Image Suite: fromImage and fromImageArtifact
ae1a9d715740377f91b7df1f31b05cee1646d5a0 [tests] Secret Suite
2a87b10d31622122b7b53badfa5cb56512fda985 [tests] Refactor
e8cefd784883bc61732b2bd9d985fb12a18ade7c [tests] Stapel Image/Mount Suite: base
0820235254985b0755f8bb2ac667fd7752deaab8 [3-way-merge] Move dates: 15.11->25.11, 05.12->15.12
d26530c9d432916a2c67db29420ac7394f65dc93 [docs] Three way merge and resources adoption note
a40747340f1c53ed4de658336fd1970c7b64c82f [3-way-merge] Fix owner release refs inconsistent state on helm rollback
4ae2c3a3f8ae77e0a09deb23546234a3410b4fd7 [ci] Use golang 1.13.4, update builder image to flant/werf-builder:1.2.0
8edcb060a9824f0c1b83c9929eefb19f16f03573 [ci] go 1.13
b210e239c2d2ca41494f840395efbf932de174a2 [3-way-merge,tests] Single test suite for release server, test rollback bug
1dd23236e898d263d7a751f7420a79665988a23b [tests] Stapel Image/Base Image Suite: complete from and from latest test cases
8105dc97e63464970f1607e5d339e55f6c23f5bc [tests] Refactor
1dceb132034ed5b0a93e0d5ee592fb3304496c54 [stapel image] Reject remote git url validation
759e8b906b7ec284788ea672b14975004143ff09 [3-way-merge] Fix before-hook-creation delete policy hook delete timeout
9594712b01b65a67f6f37d9e7e4f8ad77c2a0427 [3wm] Helm hooks delete timeout tests and fixes, update helm to 2.16.0
092d7ffbe03649781552d58e7dc21c2b60ea6de4 [docs] Small readme fixes and regen
1d3c6b74741da48141f7db627a2c94c21c5d14c4 Added note about bash limitations
2ffd77bda7054cf9ae208507680f1094d5917361 add script for boostraping tests infrastructure
12a27b47520456529154c6e5a298c56bb6d974cf fixed landing markup
7147d735460bbfbaede4659364c6e605d4c7f79d [docs] landing rework
3feee5d736798da75ccb057dae0f4b3fe84546d9 [docs] Fix typo paramters -> parameters
a15ebd91df6a10966fdb83689aa42c96b2a1df2b Update
4edcd7d6f94fbbac0b4ef325fc978f28757db360 [docs] Fix broken auto-generated markup
5a2147811bf7aba5114bf117969b1f97ab753e21 [docs] ./docs/
9a473a05e10b39b58d3a1c3e58402756070a96ba [docs] Resources update methods and adoption info
9a8e94e3c6be6307b412a7a120793c049124d8ff [docs] Describe werf resources manifests validation
ac25fa4da264c39aeeaae7db014f3024eb27a2f8 [docs] Refactor differences with helm page
a4a6217d7bc2231aa2755f74ec91e90cf470faab [helm] Update helm to v2.15.2
589f8182e958fd7463b890c105c2cbfe1496289c [3-way-merge] Move 3wm modes dates: onlyNewReleases 10.11=>15.11, enabled 1.12=>5.12
d820b58901ec54b415ee5e076ea566628fd4ffdd [tests] Fix node local docker registry cleanup
be8f48995c3dad9e120c1aaf3053bc94fe085c46 [ci] Upload coverage job does not wait for macOS integration tests
b86b1ae194d317732353d8d7ccd52e98a67ec172 [ci] Sequential run of integration tests on macOS
bb479756234d796587e79d18ca0a2a24f81ea7a9 [ci] Verbose output for macOS integration tests runner script
46789e66ce2acdbe3123d0a7aa78448f5fa11464 [ci] Disable securely storing docker logins in macOS keychain on server
fb0a6533d49a1a078e02023090404247b2795d28 [3-way-merge] Update option to use 3 way merge patch, ability to adopt existing resources
fc101ed96f42be8b124749961cfc6e3a90702891 [docs] Configuration/Adding source code from git repositories: upd
c0e881934d799dd35650c48dd00735b9b56d4aff [tests] Upd deploytracking suite * Build actual or use certain binary (e.g. werf with coverage) * Random project name
09de85c4d3e99428537b4e290f1538c9e7b67416 [tests] Upd deploytracking suite * Build actual or use certain binary (e.g. werf with coverage) * Random project name
3e5c3476f856f6bd5525b264c31b593be0465731 [docs] Add publication
87ad758e0dcd08c31ba427402d620d8931670c9e [docs] Add publication
1ae9a470aab8923ed53c388ccfbf22a0b849ebc1 [docs] Configuration/Adding docker instructions: upd
a33276d8d3739aea9634d05037d66c84fb834b31 [ci] Run integration tests on macOS using ssh
5ead27f886396b22fe5e4040c25a82980002bb58 [tests] The only one docker registry per node
34f9114ba584fd42bea72b8210893d34d547b86b [tests] Integration Build/Stapel Image/Base Image Suite: from and fromLatest
09e4ea5352a1a69c2e2f72dd32ee1b499c810c81 Fix logger manages CLI command error
dcf87c2e64ddd7e09018362fb0b237cfeb3676fb Implement werf stage image command
57ae057784618b115469724161c2ca3e88809919 [ci] Download go modules for windows and refactor
ad09ddb2ff8035994af3b38b2f06a7f7f5c6bd3a [tests] Extra debug output
e4c86d5308e19f2eceebca2cacc06db7207f54f3 [stapel image] Fix fromLatest does not work
a1c68861b568e00d0f90543b197eff77e9387347 [tests] Recover environment after each spec
1287e6f2c31d6ba4cf3b4f41881b7c866242be3e [tests] Integration Build/Stapel Image/Git Suite
82f4b4386c701b2644dd318717af5f90ed426242 [ci] Create integration_tests_tools artifact by each os
39f8c5b88fa165ed89792824f3db6716026215e4 [ci] Run unit tests only in cmd/..., pkg/... packages
288e7841ed0a4c5b10417c5e4d7487f487d8900a [ci] Skip windows unit tests coverage
59d2d8388b9646599612818842ea8ea1ce879093 [tests] Unique project name between parallel nodes
a124e9757053e816ca6468e9d5adb1a5e309205f [tests] Remove excess build tag
c30aa855c3747cf484ffd2c2823dfdbd9c4951e9 [tests] Refactor
4c20a1ce4f8ba6d4ddcbe34b475b4afa84e7ed09 [tests] Fix deploytracking tests projects names
994d5db4b30830847563511885fa5c1784f95f9b [tests] Deploy tracking tests
2bef7e12de49b42ece05246e353049d80c388f06 [tests] Integration Cleanup Suite: go tests
9eefd03a95b41f51f20e462dc0ebdb050e809ede Override project name with $WERF_PROJECT_NAME variable
c77591bc52e03e0052fc978ecd808a7df7bdff62 [images cleanup] Support env variable for '--without-kube' option
38f6f40ee4c3b7b99abc0f093cfe71a1f3f235a3 [ci] Cache go modules and test tools
7d3405fc8fc880207faf52847034246c7599a39d [docs] Add publication
5c1b2c1f32331808803e9df2671fca37e1c819b4 [stages purge] Remove containers that use werf images with force option
07d13f1212eb6c81dceb8e44cbaeff962116709f [docs] Deploy process/Differences with Helm: refactor
98c4794a87fefc5f0d69c32121b123eb293363a3 [git] Refactor remote git repo clone path; fix 'invalid cross-device link' error
4d2ec89b601a204677c20575808bb470ef24b08b [ansible] Fix error: 'LiveStdoutListener' object has no attribute '_reader'
7ad1cfda35b7ed55444912cc099956483693e571 [stapel image] Update LFS packages versions to latest stable
b5a5a2e923bfb4c9171535291b8016fc800aca71 [ci] Update Github Actions workflow
7da3edd77ea3773587b0f4293943a3bf67d03603 [tests] Integration Guides Suite: go tests
d99152a11c9600cfff1703194c82db540fea3360 [ci] Cache integration tests tools
a0238acb5af50162182b8ca97e2fde5c7b9fdcb0 [tests] Test simple repair-patch cases
337f580446fade5e0dda626cc1f5e091700be8a8 [ci] Cache integration tests tools
dc5ea400f0ff70193e3e0bd108d0e2eb6be972ea Fix false-positive repair-patches (part 2)
409327cd3ff5290d1d10e2275371e491ed33544c [stapel image] Fix mount arbitrary file using mount[].fromPath
5335176be3d1507fc8c4e72b85fc7fc666d85d26 [docs] Fix minikube setup guide: docker registry proxy not worked anymore
35825ade230fa34da68e661ce81f429327a14b88 [stapel] Fix 'APTPKG_5.0 not defined in file with link time reference'
bbba8aa425800b043051b21fb1e4be67f4da9981 [github actions] Run integration tests on 1.11-1.16 k8s clusters
15acf0eb43f9f661b22620eb1af86030534368df [tests] Guides/Deploy into kubernetes: Actualize
1676ac23fdb6b387909e853171e576f19cbc7041 [docs] Actualize Deployment manifests
c5bd4b3849e051d907fd4a2b19972a23a16d236d [tests] git/files-names-with-arbitrary-chars fix for WINDOWS
190d6b13b9c6a4babc45b8db8f0a01fb74d760ba [tests][git] Test arbitrary chars in git files
25fa8b6ff47471d7ffb7cff04d402e2665aa5f82 [3-way-merge][doc] Describe and
5142adae3ae673de0725b27e2bf56b486a8c7ff0 [tests] Stapel image/build/git: remove empty directories
b612f97263c237e266e10e0fc71b2c0389fb4162 [stapel] Fix PATH redefined in stapel container builder
9c09220c217dbe5648886364d5a6d66948e53ae9 [stapel image] Git patch stages: improve rmEmptyChangedDirsCommand * support special symbols in directory names
584821c50a09bc2005d08650598dadc215d806c4 [stapel image] Git stages: fix argument list too long error
963e14866ca8d798080070fa85183f056c60c735 [3-way-merge] Fix panic: interface conversion: interface {} is nil, not []interface {}
0d34554e7e579932926679b235213b13e217b03b [3-way-merge] Create two pass 3wm repair patch: fix false-positive repair patches
2b91774f5d1cd0e9a8fb62f4a457bb71b246d8f6 [lint] Add
3e1353a5456e45d9eada160d97b0259d031c5f5d [3-way-merge] Create two pass 3wm repair patch: fix false-positive repair patches
53ec85be2e2106dee39e3554cf9fb94588a177b2 [tests] Cleaning: images cleanup/purge
b17232b639c72a12dbc80ea48a8da48eb0a2d031 [tests] Stapel image/build/git: gitArchive, gitCache and gitLatestPatch stages
27fabd637db4efaa3b92241785c09d8ee9d3c09a Fix /.werf/ansible-workdir/lib/werf/ cannot open shared: no such file
21e1deee265f5971d038f89fc404d8417e534dd9 [deploy] Fix printStatus panic
c7e8fdbede992a1d9f5358b2f4d4697dc520d9b9 [deploy] Hide secret values in error
d5b22ab58b0eb80d1b481fd94dde0a901451c19c [ci] GitHub Actions Main workflow
9035c1d06f928c13168dc1461426618f4123d1f1 [stapel image] Fix sudo error: sudo: unable to stat /.werf/stapel/etc/sudoers: No such file or directory
67614da8abdf135e2bee74a9ed9b7eb73de704aa [ci] Abandon Travis CI
3d1bc0a3ab25934340dc2e2724db67ca4fdefeb0 [tests] Implement first k8s test
047c9300318cf07fca6f9ed892a7d017b2aae2ef [tests] Refactoring
9317c7628bd4ea55c8a680697a56f731ad227f45 [tests] Fix ansible tests error: repository 'repo' does not exists
e736aa258ce0a65b53e4b4201f1ec535efdc66bf [tests] Skip first application test till FIXME
b23dbe2d2dfd913f4c6a2d2dcbc835afa1ee3f58 [docs] Reference/Build process: add section How stapel builder processes CMD and ENTRYPOINT
4923a7e43f107c78330f075d3376da17f69a172c [tests] Ansible tests refactor: use BATS_TEST_DIRNAME
980305b1b3a309240883924ea7a643ad923f15e1 [tests] Fix coverage runner: run from project root
a47d15ec21187233acc7608df2a5a404606d7aba [docs] Publications: add articles about chart dependencies
d04796831e4ce805d2064c66cf4ef366c0d7ed2c Add ansible integration tests and some fixes
0212083870c717bd04c76c9f146f0b6e6627a417 [stapel image] Fix empty ENTRYPOINT processing for UCP * support old and new reset ENTRYPOINT value formats for CE and EE Docker Engine * use new one for other solutions from docker (e.g. UCP)
5ddc82084fcb053dcc01ad6d2bf87763381df022 [insecure docker registry] Fix `http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client`
40eda4f84d834e9c2800ba3f7933a6a0c6fdd22d [tests] Improve werf test binary with coverage * ignore service lines ``` PASS coverage: 6.6% of statements in ./... ```
0eb9a881655e83da147b61873516e458f6cea09e Fix tabs rendering on Stages and Images reference
89c9f8a713df0ecbbf77e99dc85f7467618167c0 [docs] Update Gemfile to fix rubyzip vulnerability
a5ff6f3f330d8f25c077b6b1cce33dfd5dd5ecb3 Rework stapel image, fixes
329c261b99edf88fd14042e4e93d93b37cd26acc [tests] Use default WERF_HOME for all tests
2dbe7e0d7ba4989ed2089daa86b8b7205c8d95d1 [tests] Run all tests with script
3b7e4276ff04fb43a0cc08a577b794b7089c0ea7 [tests] Update werf project name for each test * should be uniq and has prefix `werf-test-`
2c2d83289ea48ec3948602b82f31e5263fa56aa8 [tests] Export tmp WERF_HOME for each test
6e61016533840fcaadf9ba3f7f5c52fbc9eb6fa0 [tests] Cover stages cleanup/purge with integration tests
18fcdeff136c6faad6c9e92c0bea15506665c107 [tests] Cover secrets with integration tests
7f7cc45943e405dd1d9f99b49b79da9bda577c28 [tests] Turn off debug
c344337f624db5ea4d619b99359a3b6e3ee20b82 [stapel image] Fix `bash: -H: command not found`
1d46833d34ad21ca63b1322bfbd026166743d969 [tests] Travis and codeclimate integration
1850c87f88daaa80eb0e651e931528119038a8ab [tests] Tests coverage solutions
89e865f0c6898d5ee2cbc26d6023c295b3b3f4dc [tests] Scripts to run tests
e40b7fd0e4408748d29a84ba3729c1475f3052c2 [tests] Cover guides with integration tests
6b93163db63e19639c45cff78c259bbc11d26e68 Add info about composer issue
5655470c40a25a40ea0ae6e29a42d8b5403363c9 [true-git] Tiny fix
515467a9ebe7aba58830d1b0abb35ae524ad5d1d [playground] Remove deploy-helm-chart
24a90f5542b5848c5b647e7f4ee944d951af1aac Pin image versions in some guides
942c67cb737351a548ecc25920a07e2bc3f6e139 [tests] Simple getting-started test
d7b2b440117af70bee71916646c5eb6870c50009 Update flant/werf-builder:1.1.0 build cache image
2ac3d3f521586cefd0d16d964130b7adaa36acf9 [go.mod] Update flant/helm and flant/kubedog to use v1.16.0
82c98019bb62f83003ff7084347a10e04fa17783 [go.mod] Pin to v1.2.3
00bbbd3cf8f539f32d8509391cb66e9a53788980 [docs] Rework README and main page werf intro
e1329242239e9c28bc1f1317ef6db99e0a7cffca [stapel image] Fix `warning: unable to access '/root/.config/git/attributes': Permission denied`
2ee79a68705c7d1c70bcad2e1d89c43eaaed11c5 [werf_secret_key] Use only relative path as argument + legacy via include
fd08d7a16db9b32eb210fe6f7dd24e7cf9978a8f [cleanup commands] Skip broken tags
a76e408b7164fb16009295029f902e8f1317eefc [stapel image] Fix images duplicates after stage cache invalidation
f79d8b233358057169f1950488d365efc81db54b [stapel image] Fix werf removes user's empty directories during adding patch with binary
e1b94215dc29ca21cf5ef5d36c5f410631abd358 [dockerfile] Fix BuildKit RUN --mount flag does not work
ffee3b904606137214d8202f5073c4bbd463868f [docs] Up auto annotations docs
c84d2a83bb5eabbca9038ada77a2f28f0b0cfc8e [docs] Reference/Working with secrets: up
15a168c00401389d52146158910d2c8e9145ace8 [docs] Fix example of copying file with ansible
4c7c630b89a84ec0e1f622f653bd13e7fd99969f [deploy] Refuse temporary helm chart generation
05751bb16e77911649e8dc8296dbf9664ad57956 [deploy] Remove `werf helm generate chart` command * Use `werf helm render` instead
869ed288ff965c1d0ebb269e38219c25356c6019 [deploy] Reject auto replace of chart path in helm errors
4a55821dd4318327fce4155127285ebabde9446e [docs] Rework and README into text
7367bd887f3177c9c1d2920e81fd03d945363b0a [docs] Publications: add articles about --images-repo-mode
a692e6c15162b6aca011b83770d6dee2cd7e3ab1 [docs] Hide absolute keyring path in CLI reference
c26b9fb28c1a2d3fdaa8eb586f33b356d42230c1 [docs] Hide absolute helm home path in CLI reference
49db90db80abd205e6efda738a9231ce7929903c [lint] Actualize werf anno validation
3f6b1b9b971f2683619d667b3c8575197053d7f5 Git work tree switch strikes back: rework and speedup git work tree cache
14d5dfd1fedae21be7329008b6a71f437fbfaa2c [deploy] Update chart templates werf helpers * werf_container_image: add `imagePullPolicy: Always` for custom tag strategy * werf_container_env: set `DOCKER_IMAGE_ID` only for git branch and custom tag strategies
5bf687b43874bd2bee6859ff621d9d1e81ef9417 [render] Optional variables and saving rendered chart to the file
510e7fb7ed8b68a6dd0bc9afc7bb1ea03df53ab1 [deploy] Enable environment access functions in chart templates


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