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This is the entire site and documentation for and

Update the exported swagger documentation

Retrieve the exported swagger documentation from a running instance of Flapjack v2+'s JSONAPI, e.g.:

wget http://localhost:3081/doc -O flapjack_swagger.json

You should probably install swagger-tools and use that to validate the exported file. (You may also need to use a prettifier like json_pp if the file fails validation, as it's not output in a particularly readable format.)

swagger-tools validate flapjack_swagger.json

Move/copy the generated file to lib/swagger/api.json in this repo and build/publish as normal.

mv flapjack_swagger.json lib/swagger/api.json


From your checkout of the repository:

bundle exec middleman build
bundle exec middleman server

Middleman will monitor all files in source/ and trigger a build on change.

View your changes at http://localhost:4567/.


When you want to push updated documentation to, run:

# stop the middleman server if it's running and then:

git commit
git push
rm -rf build && bundle exec rake publish

This will build the content from source/ and copy the files to the gh-pages branch on GitHub.

Default version

The default version of the documentation is specified in the config.rb in the top-level directory.

To update all the links, update the following variables:

set :default_version, 1.0
set :layout, "1.0"

Refer the README under source/