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Custom cogs for Red Bot
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Red Bot


FlapJack Cogs

A collection of cogs I have developed for Red Bot.
View them on the Red Cogs Portal, where you will also find installation instructions.

  • Bigmoji - Uploads a large version of an emoji
  • Blizzard - Fetches and prints latest patch notes and some (limited) user data from current Blizzard games.
  • ColorMe - Allows users to manage the color of their own name through custom roles.
  • Comics - Brighten up your day with a random comic from popular sources like C&H, SMBC, xkcd, and many more.
  • CryptoPrice - Search for cryptocurrency price information.
  • Defcon - A nod to the 1983 film War Games. Maintain a DEFCON system on your server, displayed through creative use of embeds.
  • Dongers - Fetches and prints a random Donger from
  • Msgvote - Turn a Discord channel into a Reddit thread... if that's something you're into...
  • ReactPoll - Functions exactly like Red's built-in polls, but uses numeric reactions instead of typed responses.
  • SFX - Inject sound effects into voice channels. Compatible with other audio, and backwards compatible with tmerc's playsound!
  • SmartReact - Set up automatic emoji reactions to specific words in chat. Like trigger, but with emojis.
  • Smite - Smite statistics using the official Smite API.
  • Spoiler - Hide spoilers in chat using animated GIFs that require a mouseover.
  • Wat - Assist users who have trouble 'hearing' what people type! :)
  • WordCloud - Generate customized word clouds for text channels.

Contact Me

For technical support, visit #support_flapjack-cogs in the 3rd Party Cog Support Server. Please join this server and request help in my support channel before DMing me.


Twentysix26 and everyone else who has contributed to Red Bot.
Redjumpman, for this neat readme file template.


Please see MIT License for details. This project is open source and you are free to modify and use my work so long as you credit me.

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