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Quick Settings Mod By Kevdliu


  • Press to directly toggle Wifi and long press to access Wifi settings menu
  • Press to directly toggle Mobile Data and long press to access Mobile Data settings menu
  • Press to directly toggle BT and long press to access BT settings menu
  • Persistent GPS Tile: Press to toggle GPS and long press to access Location settings menu
  • Add Auto Rotation Tile
  • Add Volume Tile (Press to display media volume slider and long press to access Volume settings menu)
  • Add Screen Off Tile
  • Add Ringer Modes Tile
  • Add Torch Tile
  • Add Wifi AP Tile
  • Control Panel application to show/hide Tiles
  • Reorder the tiles by enabling them in the order you want them to be placed (first enabled toggle will be placed first etc.)

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1) Title: "Quick Settings Mod By Kevdliu"

If you incorporate this Mod into your ROM, please link to my XDA thread at in your ROM thread OP. I will continue to make updates and improve this mod so please be sure to watch this repo.

Thanks & Enjoy!

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