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IndexTank plugin for vBulletin

Installation instructions:
1.- Sign up at IndexTank.
2.- Download and unzip/untar the last stable version of the IndexTank plugin for vBulletin.
3.- Configure your api url:
    a.- Run the script (and follow the instructions)
    b.- Or just edit replacing strings <API_URL> by the api url. Then rename it as indextank_plugin.php
4.- Upload the .php files to your vbulletin directory in your web server.
5.- Go to vBulletin's Admin Control Panel >> Plugins & Products >> Download / Upload Plugins and upload the 'indextank-plugin.xml' file that comes with the plugin release.
6.- Finally, go to to create an index and add all your posts to it.

- Index new post.
- Search (no sorting)
- Index all existing posts.