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Table of contents
0. Install / Bootstrap
1. MSI package (Windows)
2. DEB and RPM packages (Linux)
3. Source tarball
0. Install / Bootstrap
Please disregard any notes about you needing no bootstrap in previous
versions of this file :-)
1. MSI package
To install Nemerle, please run nemerle-VERSION.msi and follow instructions
displayed on the screen.
To remove it please go to
Start --> Configuration --> Control Panel --> Add / Remove Software
and select the Nemerle package for removal.
2. DEB and RPM packages
The common techniques of using your favorite package management tool
should work. In case of a RPM nemerle-libs-VERSION.ARCH.rpm package
contains just the Nemerle.dll library needed to run programs compiled
with Nemerle compiler, while nemerle-VERSION.ARCH.rpm contains the
compiler and other development stuff.
3. Source tarball, snapshots and SVN trunk
The usual combination of:
make check
make install
should work just fine. If 'make' doesn't work try to use 'gmake' (our
Makefiles require GNU Make extensions). The 'make check' part is optional,
though you are encouraged to test the freshly built compiler with it.
This may however take some time.
The configure script takes many switches that affect installation
paths, and compilation process. Run configure with --help switch to
list all supported options.
To remove Nemerle please use 'make uninstall'.
Good luck!