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  • New hasPermission() helper method for Group objects (9684fbc)
  • Expose supported mail drivers in IoC container (208bad3)
  • More test for some API endpoints (1670590)
  • The Formatter\Rendering event now receives the HTTP request instance as well (0ab9fac)
  • More and better validation in installer UIs
  • Check and enforce minimum MariaDB (7ff9a90)
  • Revert publication of assets when installation fails (ed9591c)
  • Benefit from Laravel's database reconnection logic in long-running tasks (e0becd0)


  • Performance: Actually cache translations on disk (0d16fac)
  • Allow per-site extenders to override extension extenders (ba594de)
  • Do not resolve objects from the IoC container (in service providers and extenders) until they are actually used
  • Replace event subscribers (that resolve objects from the IoC container) with listeners (that resolve lazily)
  • Use custom service provider for Mail component (ac5e26a)
  • Update to Laravel 5.7, revert custom logic for building database index names
  • Refactored installer, extracted Installation class and pipeline for reuse in CLI and web installers (790d5be)
  • Use whitelist for enabling pre-installed extensions during installation (4585f03)
  • Update minimum MySQL version (7ff9a90)


  • Signing up via OAuth providers was broken (67f9375)
  • Group badges were overlapping (16eb1fa)
  • API: Endpoint for uninstalling extensions returned an error (c761802)
  • Documentation links in installer were outdated (b58380e)
  • Event posts where counted when aggregating user posts (671fdec)
  • Admins could not reset user passwords (c67fb2d)
  • Several down migrations were invalid
  • Validation errors on reset password page resulted in HTTP 404 (4611abe)
  • Fix is:unread gambit (e17bb0b)


  • php flarum install --defaults - this was meant to be used in our old development VM (44c9109)



  • Fix live output in migrate:reset command (f591585)
  • Fix search with database prefix (7705a2b)
  • Fix invalid join time of admin user created by installer (57f73c9)
  • Ensure InnoDB engine is used for all tables (fb6b51b, 6370f7e)
  • Fix dropping foreign keys in down migrations (57d5846)
  • Fix discussion list scroll position not being maintained when hero is not visible (40dc6ac)
  • Fix empty meta description tag (88e43cc)
  • Remove empty attributes on <html> tag (796b577)
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