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This is an overview of what's ahead for Flarum. Things to be aware of:

  • The list of plans/todos may change at any point.
  • There is no specific ship date for a stable release at this time.
  • Have a feature request? Read the FAQ.

Big Picture

Our next step is to get to version 0.1.0. This will be the first version of Flarum that we recommend for use in production. However, in keeping with semantic versioning, we will still have room to iterate and improve the Extension API in subsequent 0.x versions.

In order to get there, we will release a series of betas. The major things that we are focusing on for these betas are:

  • Make the installer solid
  • Tidy up the API and documentation #246
  • Increase test coverage #245
  • Make everything translatable #267 #266 #265
  • Improve performance #127
  • Improve error handling #118
  • Anti-spam tools #271
  • Improved text editor with formatting buttons and full-screen preview #309
  • Proper search engine optimization #189
  • Add some missing administration options (logo upload, SMTP, SSL)
  • Various improvements to core/bundled extensions
  • Generalise the Likes extension to a "Rate" extension #306
  • Keyboard shortcuts #155
  • Rewrite the Pusher extension #321
  • New extensions: Private Discussions, SSO, Reporting, Answers, Embed

Feature Breakdown


  • Make discussion titles searchable #257
  • Implement more gambits #256
  • Give users the ability to deactivate their account and destroy personal info #255
  • Add user online indicators #254
  • Mechanism to detect if you've been logged out, prompt you to re-enter your password #253
  • Design and implement reset password and error page UIs #252
  • Slug transliteration #194
  • Better composer minimize behaviour #191
  • Affix discussion sidebar #190
  • Search engine optimization #189
  • Floating discussion title #157
  • Keyboard shortcuts #155
  • Discussion list infinite scrolling + loading placeholders #115


  • Improve appearance page, allow logo upload #268
  • Add UI to configure SMTP settings #258
  • SSL support #167
  • Allow API to be accessed with master key #205


  • Complete prerequisite checking
  • Input validation
  • Support other database drivers
  • Support database table name prefix #269
  • Support installation in subfolders #291
  • Make the consle/web installers do the same prerequisite checks


  • Add a contextual quote button when text is selected #320


  • User setting to automatically follow discussions you start/reply to #310


  • Give user a notification when they are suspended/unsuspended #322


  • Generalise to a "Rate" extension #306


  • Rewrite the whole thing #321


  • Apply a className to various elements based on the active tags #327
  • Allow tags to have default sort orders #328
  • Add ability to style tags with background images #329
  • Add setting to allow discussion authors to edit tags #330

New extensions

  • Private Discussions
  • SSO
  • Reporting
  • Answers
  • Embed
  • Header Links


This is a list of stuff we definitely want to do, but we’re not sure when. First things first!

  • Drafts
  • RTL support
  • Admin dashboard #259
  • Forum about/statistics page #134
  • Extension Marketplace
  • Easy upgrade process
  • Migrators (esoTalk, FluxBB, others)
  • Laravel integration #274
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Improve appearance page, allow logo upload

An extension now exists for this. Is this something we want to pull into the core of leave it an open task?

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