@tobscure tobscure released this Mar 29, 2016 · 990 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Users who haven't confirmed their email address are now able to log in and get their confirmation email resent. (@sijad)
  • created:YYYY-MM-DD gambit to search for discussions by their creation date. (@Albert221)
  • Allow provision of an avatar URL to upload during sign up via avatarUrl attribute.
  • php flarum info console command to help debug broken installations.
  • Inline user online indicators. (@petermein)
  • AbstractOAuth2Controller class to provide a generic OAuth2 login implementation for extensions.
  • Support for new minifiers. (@JoshyPHP)
  • ConfigureLocales::loadLanguagePackFrom helper method.
  • Pop animation when scrolling to post preview. (@sijad)
  • Add rel="nofollow" to user bio links. (@sijad)
  • Ask for confirmation before "Mark all as Read". (@bogdanteodoru)
  • Allow existing users to be activated via the API isActivated attribute.
  • Support multiple comma-separated names in author: search gambit. (@Albert221)
  • Admin-only email: gambit to look up users by email.
  • Allow custom redirection after logging out via return query parameter.
  • Event to configure server middleware (ConfigureMiddleware).
  • Allow forum to be taken offline by setting offline to true in config.php.
  • Garbage-collect email/password/auth tokens.


  • Overhaul extension management code. (@luceos)
  • New migration structure. Details
  • Improve post composer appearance/usability on mobile.
  • Upgrade to flarum-gulp 0.2.0, Babel 6, and Mithril 0.2.3.
  • Refactor ListPostsController to make filtering extensible.
  • Lighten discussion list hover color.
  • Increase avatar upload max file size from 1MB to 2MB.
  • Refactor Composer rendering for smoother animations.
  • Don't automatically activate users created by admins; require an attribute to be set.
  • Extract notification settings into an item list.
  • Improvements to colored header styles.
  • Rename HTTP method override header.
  • Tweak mobile drawer appearance.
  • Change value field in settings table from BLOB to TEXT to allow for easier user editing. (@ahsanity)
  • Tweak badge appearance: remove border, decrease shadow radius.
  • Delete a discussion when its last post is deleted.
  • Slightly widen index sidebar, overflow buttons properly.
  • Store discussion slug in database table.
  • Add priorities to user page sidebar items.


  • Deleting users will now delete discussions that became empty.
  • Admin now no longer shows incorrect information on how to install extensions.
  • Support prefix in URL generators. (@Albert221)
  • Fix autocompletion bugs in Firefox. (@sijad)
  • Add specific error message when an email address is not found in forgot password modal.
  • Show dropdown menus in front of post composer.
  • Prevent long forum title in mobile drawer from entering viewport.
  • Fix search box overlapping forum title in some cases.
  • Fix JSON serialization error on PHP 7.
  • Fix "sort by" dropdown being empty on the latest versions of Chrome.
  • Dramatically improve performance when typing in a modal.
  • Fix browser back button losing scroll position.
  • Don't require a previous Post when saving event posts.
  • Fix crash when sending notification to non-existent user.
  • Fix username validation to disallow problematic characters.
  • Fix crash when displaying a discussion with no posts.
  • 401 for unauthorised request to settings, notifications page.
  • Better post scrubber size calculations.
  • Tweak padding on user dropdown button so avatar is flush with border radius.
  • Clear search when input is empty and enter is pressed.
  • Give GetPermission event priority when determining permissions.
  • Key item lists to maintain identity across redraws.
  • Ensure routes are only populated after extensions have registered listeners.
  • Ensure a new asset revision identifier is generated if there is none.
  • Allow username capitalisation to be changed.
  • Prevent some translations being compiled unnecessarily.
  • Prevent unapproved discussions from dropping to the bottom of the discussion list.


  • Rework authentication/session/cookies code for better security and stability.
  • Add password confirmation when changing email address.
  • Prevent users from being incorrectly able to delete their own discussions.
  • Fix posts being incorrectly visible on user page on private forums.

Also see the 0.1.0-beta.5 release notes for: akismet approval auth-facebook auth-github auth-twitter bbcode emoji english flags likes lock markdown mentions pusher sticky subscriptions suspend tags