@tobscure tobscure released this Jul 22, 2017 · 664 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Add "remember me" checkbox in login from.
  • Update notification count when discussion list refresh button is clicked. (@datitisev)
  • Add event to allow custom user password validation.
  • Support module prefixing of locale resources.
  • Allow accessing the session via the actor.
  • Add group gambit to support search user by group name. (@liji)
  • Ability to manually activate users. (@renyuneyun)
  • Add dir and lang attribute in app.blade.php. (@datitisev)
  • Prevent crawlers from indexing nojs pages.
  • Add option to hide the language selector. (@datitisev)
  • Add link() and setCanonicalUrl() methods to the WebAppView.
  • Add viewUserList permission. (@datitisev)
  • Allow JSON config to be used for command-line installation. (@dav-is)
  • Add API for extensions to mark discussions and posts as private. (@luceos)
  • Improve password reset validation/error handling.
  • Added a migration helper for adding default permissions.
  • Turn Rename Discussion dialog into a modal. (@datitisev)


  • Prevent deletion of default locale. (@dav-is)
  • Prevent overwriting of user attributes on authenticated registration. (@dav-is)
  • Prevent notice if bootstrapping app in command line environment.
  • Make Add Extension modal's title translatable. (@milescellaro)
  • Fix asset path when unpublishing. (@clarkwinkelmann)
  • Update affix sidebars when window is resized.
  • Fix login remember in MS EDGE.
  • Prevent reverting editable user bio on click.
  • Fix API sorting of users by post count.
  • Support PNG avatars with transparent backgrounds and fix EXIF rotation. (@oanhnn, @Zeokat)
  • Fix /api/posts returning 500. (@datitisev)
  • Make extension event attributes public.
  • Prevent admins from demoting themselves through the API. (@datitisev)
  • Fix incorrect migration notes for extensions without any migrations.


  • Upgrade s9e\TextFormatter to 0.8.1. (@JoshyPHP)
  • Upgrade zendframework/zend-stratigility to 1.3.
  • Update minimum required PHP version to 5.6.
  • Add specific error message for username validation.
  • Remove fa-fw class from all icons. Manually apply the fa-fw class or other styles if needed.
  • Simplify global back button behaviour and appearance.

Also see the release notes for: approval flags lock mentions sticky suspend tags