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# UNIQUE KEYS - The following keys are used in only one location each.
# Translations in this namespace are used by the admin interface.
# These translations are used in the Permissions page of the admin interface.
flag_posts_label: Flag posts
view_flags_label: View flagged posts
# These translations are used in the Flags Settings modal dialog.
flag_own_posts_label: Allow users to flag their own posts
guidelines_url_label: Community Guidelines URL
title: Flags Settings
# Translations in this namespace are used by the forum user interface.
# These translations are used by the Flag Post modal dialog.
confirmation_message: Thank you for flagging this post. Our moderators will look into it.
dismiss_button: => core.ref.okay
reason_details_placeholder: Additional details (optional)
reason_inappropriate_label: Inappropriate
reason_inappropriate_text: "This post is offensive, abusive, or violates our <a>community guidelines</a>."
reason_missing_message: Please provide some details for our moderators.
reason_off_topic_label: "Off-topic"
reason_off_topic_text: This post is not relevant to the current discussion and should be moved elsewhere.
reason_other_label: Other (please specify)
reason_spam_label: Spam
reason_spam_text: This post is an advertisement.
submit_button: => flarum-flags.ref.flag_post
title: => flarum-flags.ref.flag_post
# These translations are used by the Flagged Posts dropdown, a.k.a. "the flag".
empty_text: No Flags
item_text: "{username} in <em>{discussion}</em>"
title: => flarum-flags.ref.flagged_posts
tooltip: => flarum-flags.ref.flagged_posts
# These translations are used by the frame displayed around flagged posts.
dismiss_flag_button: Dismiss Flag
flagged_by_text: "Flagged by {username}"
flagged_by_with_reason_text: "Flagged by {username} as {reason}"
# These translations are used by the post control buttons.
flag_button: Flag
# REUSED TRANSLATIONS - These keys should not be used directly in code!
# Translations in this namespace are referenced by two or more unique keys.
flag_post: Flag Post
flagged_posts: Flagged Posts
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