Minimum viable Erlang web framework
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Spooky Spooky


Spooky is a lightweight and dead easy to use RESTful request handler for Erlang.

It's using the Misultin http library and provides request handling similar to the Sinatra web framework.


    -export([init/1, get/2]).

        [{port, 8000}].

    get(Req, [])->
        Req:ok("Hello world.");
    get(_, ["smashingpumpkins"])->
        throw({418, "I'm a teapot."});
    get(Req, [Name])->
        Req:ok("Hello world, " ++ Name ++ ".").


    $ make && erlc -pa ebin/ hello_world.erl && erl -pa ebin/ -pa deps/*/ebin
    1> spooky:start_link(hello_world)
    {ok, <0.40.0>}
    2> spooky:stop()


  • Modular
    Split your web application up into different, reusable modules. Say, for user management, mnesia administration or login logic.

  • RESTful request handling/routing

    • Use get/post/put/delete/head methods for a clean seperation of your HTTP API
    • Use pattern matching to handle requests to different URLs
  • Middlewares
    Use chained middlewares to preprocess the request before it arrives at your handlers and modify or abort it on the fly.

  • Erlang
    Dead simple interfacing to your gen_servers, gen_fsms and gen_events


  • Write documentation


Scratching an itch. Spooky is as simple as it gets - you're left to deal with everything else than request handling. If this is not what you are looking for and need things like ORM support, templating, etc, you should look at other frameworks:


Thanks to Learn you some Erlang, Mochiweb, Misultin and CouchDB for being excellent repositories to learn about Erlang.