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One of our [C++ 2024 Modern Code Better Engineering Goals]( is to reduce or eliminate the use of printf in our codebase, replacing it with safer and more performant alternatives.

This diff replaces `printf` with its preferred alternative: `fmt::print`.

This diff was auto-generated by fbcode/scripts/rbarnes/, please reach out to r-barnes if you see problems.

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Reviewed By: bcardosolopes

Differential Revision: D51486543

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Important Note:

wav2letter has been moved and consolidated into Flashlight in the ASR application.

Future wav2letter development will occur in Flashlight.

To build the old, pre-consolidation version of wav2letter, checkout the wav2letter v0.2 release, which depends on the old Flashlight v0.2 release. The wav2letter-lua project can be found on the wav2letter-lua branch, accordingly.

For more information on wav2letter++, see or cite this arXiv paper.


This repository includes recipes to reproduce the following research papers as well as pre-trained models. All results reproduction must use Flashlight <= 0.3.2 for exact reproducability. Papers contained here include:

Data preparation for training and evaluation can be found in data directory.

Building the Recipes

First, install Flashlight (using the 0.3 branch is required) with the ASR application.

mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. && make -j8

If Flashlight or ArrayFire are installed in nonstandard paths via a custom CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX, they can be found by passing

-Dflashlight_DIR=[PREFIX]/usr/share/flashlight/cmake/ -DArrayFire_DIR=[PREFIX]/usr/share/ArrayFire/cmake

when running cmake.

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wav2letter++ is MIT-licensed, as found in the LICENSE file.