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Lita plugin for controlling Phillips Hue lights.

While some proxy trickery might be possible, this is designed for when lita is running on a computer that can talk directly to the Hue Bridge

Currently it can control individual lights one at a time and report global status


Add lita-hue to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-hue"

If you want to use the name that color functionality, also be sure to have nodejs installed and the closest-color-keyword module installed

brew install nodejs #or apt-get or yum
sudo npm install -g closest-color-keyword


The register command should good for getting set up, but if you can talk to the bridge but not discover it (e.g. if lita is in a VM where uPNP traffic is filtered), you can also run ruby -rhue -e "puts Hue.register_default" on a different computer on the network with the hue-lib gem installed and copy the contents of ~/.hue-lib to the appropriate place

Due to the dependence on node, the name that color feature is disabled by default. If you want it on, add the first of the following lines to your lita_config.rb and a modification on second as applicable (the shown value is the default)

config.handlers.hue.nodejs_color_lookup = true
#assume we want to use Global node_modules only and that node is called `node`
#and in the path of the lita process
config.handlers.hue.nodejs_invocation = "NODE_PATH=$(npm -g root) node"



  • hue register - register lita with your hue bridge
  • hue status - list known bulbs and their states
  • hue 1 off - turn off bulb with id 1 (ids are same as other apps, but can be seen in status)
  • hue 2 red, hue 3 aquamarine, hue 4 #ffa - set bulbs to various CSS colors. Its not exact but its close
  • hue 3 blink, hue 1 on, hue 4 rainbow - etc.