my CSS3 library for making Microsoft-metro themed buttons
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Inspired by Microsoft's Metro Design Language, I was in need of a metro-styled CSS3 button library. I wanted to make similar metro-looking buttons used by Microsoft (extensively used in their Microsoft Windows Azure website) So I've built a very small, simple and clean CSS3 library to deal with my problem.

My goal is to help developers out there shave off some wasted time building that metro-like stylesheet by providing them a library, a starter kit, a base on which they can build upon.



jQuery. That's all.

Demo and Documentation has a live demo and the library documentation.



LESS makes us write CSS much more like functional programming and it trains us to solve problems that way. I use wearekiss's SIMPLESS. To know more about LESS visit To access the LESS files, download the "less-branch" branch.

Got a bug to report or a feature request? is the perfect place for that.


My name is Ace Subido, I'm a .NET developer from the Philippines.


Inspired by Tim O'Donnell's CSS3 Google Buttons, Twitter Bootstrap, and Microsoft. Icons from and Syncfusion's Metro Studio. I do not claim ownership on the origin of design and icons.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. (I love this license! The license summary doesn't have any paragraphs in all-caps that seems like the license is angry at you)