Sample config files and admin interface for a virtual postfix/cyrus/mysql setup.
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A virtual email setup for ISPs.

We've been running this setup for 6-7 years with little or no problems.
After discontinuing or outsourcing many of our ISP services we decided
to make this public for your amusement.

It uses postfix for mail transport.
Cyrus for mailboxes.
Mysql for users, virtuals and aliases.
Postfix-gld for greylisting.
Dspam as an bayesian spam filter.
Sympa for mailing lists.

You will find most configs for your inspiration in the 'etc' folder.
And all the sql schemas are in the 'sql' folder.

Also included in the 'admin' folder is a Webware project 
(this is pre-django code) for management of imap users, virtuals, 
aliases and mailing lists.

For new installations you should/could probably use Django to do all the entity
relations with mysql, but there is some cyrus, sasl and sympa code
in there for your python project.

For NettStudio AS (,
Alexander Brill <>