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config Ported Mailer class from Hanyuu. Dec 3, 2019
database // haha yes i forgot the migration Dec 14, 2019
docs Removed rule regarding trivial posts. Feb 12, 2019
public // fuck Dec 15, 2019
src Moved forum read marking code into the router. Dec 15, 2019
templates Moved forum read marking code into the router. Dec 15, 2019
.editorconfig [ci skip] Add more bloat. Dec 16, 2017
.gitattributes Adjusted git meta files. Jul 17, 2018
.gitignore Fixed migration page. Mar 10, 2019 info beginnings, still gotta style this Sep 20, 2018
LICENSE // Added e-mail address to LICENSE file. Feb 5, 2019 Made config functions into a static class. Dec 3, 2019
build.php Code style updates. Jun 10, 2019
composer.json Router beginnings. Dec 13, 2019
misuzu.php Added ctask to remove expired chat tokens. Dec 14, 2019
msz.php Router beginnings. Dec 13, 2019
package.json Updated libraries and minor typing fix. Apr 8, 2019
tsconfig.json Target ES5 instead of ES6. Aug 13, 2019
utility.php Massive overhauls. Dec 12, 2019
yarn.lock Updated libraries. May 13, 2019


Misuzu can and will steal your lunch money.


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