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SQLAlchemy model backend integration examples.

To run this example:

  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone
    cd flask-admin
  2. Create and activate a virtual environment:

    virtualenv env
    source env/bin/activate
  3. Install requirements:

    pip install -r 'examples/geo_alchemy/requirements.txt'
  4. Setup the database:

    psql postgres
    CREATE DATABASE flask_admin_geo;
    CREATE ROLE flask_admin_geo LOGIN PASSWORD 'flask_admin_geo';
    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE flask_admin_geo TO flask_admin_geo;
    psql flask_admin_geo
  5. Run the application:

    python examples/sqla/

6. You will notice that the maps are not rendered. To see them, you will have to register for a free account at Mapbox and set the MAPBOX_MAP_ID and MAPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN config variables accordingly.